MIRREAM tips repossession action in Tarumã (MANAUS)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

MIRREAM tips repossession action in Tarumã (MANAUS)

US Continental Indigenous resistance express the most vehement condemnation against the racism of the Government that indigenous MIRREAM called “monkeys”-RACISM is bailable CRIME-we want the law to be enforced and the bailiff be punished.
a VITÓRIA da cassação do mandato de reintegração de posse que faria uma grande chacina hoje pela manhã em Manaus.’ _mstHash=”1335582″>We thank the great spirit for having illuminated and strengthened the leadership of MIRREAM showing the victory of Cassation repossession mandate that would make a great swathe this morning in Manaus.
We ship from the Cosmos to our solidarity to all heavy duty MIRREAM Relatives that the great spirit’s drive to demarcation of indigenous land Tarumã.
According to Chief Paul Apurinã, the Justice official who delivered the warrant came to disrespect the families. “The officer who delivered the warrant said that Indian is not entitled to anything, not to complain, and arrived in compare to monkeys. We feel offended, “said Apurinã.
“What they did in this case was to induce the judge to the error, and this is very serious, as did us have done with thousands of Indians”, shot Paul.
During the protest, indigenous representatives were received by the Director of the Forum Sunday, judge Jorge Chalub, where he was ordered to the afternoon of Tuesday, a meeting with the judge who issued the warrant, the Indians and the Federal prosecutors.
Follows in full the order of judge that with the strength of the great spirit reversed the action of indigenous land repossession Tarumã.
Analysis of the new documents brought to the Court by
Federal agencies, I find that the question involves whether indigenous law, the
fact, attracts the competence of the Federal Court for the resolution of the feat, as the
Insert command in art. 109, section XI, of the Federal Constitution. But let’s see:

Art. 109. The federal judges responsible for process and judge: XI-the dispute over indigenous rights. ” That said, a decline of jurisdiction in favor of judgment of 3rd Stick Judicial Section of the State of Amazonas, where currently the public civil action No. 7794-27.2011. Consequently, no effect decision of fl. 131, determining the gathering, without compliance with the writ of repossession dispatched. Oficie-if the Central Coordinator of warrants this Court and the Military Police command providing knowledge of the content of this decisum. To the Secretariat to carry out the scanning of the pieces presented in this Registry. Intimem. fulfilled. Manaus, November 13, 2012. Alessandra Cristina Raposo of George Judge (a) of law If printed, to go to Conference http://consultasaj.tjam.jus.br/esaj, tell 0213534 process-22.2012.8.04.0001 and the E929E2 code. This document has been digitally signed by Alessandra Cristina Raposo of Cain George
Indians do not want to leave the area in Tarumã, West


In time Online-news from Manaus, Amazonas, Northern interior and of Brazil.


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