SOS Village Maracanã and Old Indian Museum: dropped the 2 injunctions


Thursday, November 15, 2012

SOS Village Maracanã and Old Indian Museum: dropped the 2 injunctions

The Continental Indigenous Resistance asks the great spirit that the Convention 169 of the ILO is respected and requires that the Governor Cabral stop destroying indigenous cultures because Indigenous Cultural Centre of Village Maracana is a strong reference to the thought of people originating in what is now called resistant “Brazil”. The village Maracana enriches the city culturally and must be preserved in a multi-ethnical and multicultural.
Campaign to save the village Maracanã and Indigenous Cultural Centre’ _mstHash=”791713″>

Source: Participate in the Village OCCUPIES Maraca-do it-camping Village Maracanã: AV. Radial Oeste s/n º-Maracana Stadium-Rio de Janeiro-RJ -or even supporting through OCCUPIES Village Maraca-not on the internet (
US Continental Indigenous Resistance Blog we all support and solidarity with the movement’s leaders Tamoio who over time became the Cultural Center of the village maracana. “The atmosphere is tense. We are willing to anything, including not to get out of here alive, “said Alfonso Aporinã, one of the village leaders Maracana in the matter for the Jornal do Brazil.    
   Official document of the village Cultural Centre Maracanã: OPEN LETTER to the press            
In 2006, after the resumption of the building of the old Indian Museum, which since 1865 is Indigenous Public Patrimony, was told to Federal prosecutors, by Dr. Darren Gurupi, that dealt sure various indigenous ethnic groups throughout the country and that came with a very clear objective: “To preserve and revitalize this Indigenous Heritage, thus creating the sustainability of the group called Maracanã Village that developed in this space. At the time it was also reinvindicado the immediate listing of the property by IPHAN-Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional. ” In 1910, Marechal Rondon opened in this building the Indian Protection Service-the SPI-with the aim of caring for and protecting the interests of the peoples originating in Brazil. In 1953, was also created, in this building, the first Indian Museum of Latin America by Brazilian anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro, with the goal of promoting a proper image, refreshed and ALIVE, devoid of prejudices by society, thus arousing the interest in Indian culture and tradition. Desde que assumimos este Patrimônio, que encontrava-se abandonado pelas autoridades, passamos a receber Escolas, Universidades, pesquisadores e simpatizantes e a desenvolver atividades culturais, educacionais e de línguas das diversas etnias originárias de todo o território nacional (como consta nas assinaturas do nosso Livro de Presença). ‘ _mstHash=”1163816″>Since we assume this heritage, which was abandoned by the authorities, we started to get schools, universities, researchers and supporters and to develop educational and cultural activities, languages of the various ethnic groups originating in the entire national territory (as it appears in the signatures of our book of Presence). In October this year, the Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Sérgio Cabral, confirmed the purchase of the property, determining its demolition to create a “public mobility area during the World Cup,” claiming that “the property does not have historical value” and that “it would be a FIFA requirement”, which promptly denied through response to Office of public defender of the Union, André Ordacgy, in what was perhaps the greatest scandal of the World Cup so far. Yesterday, on the day 13/11, the President of the FEDERAL COURT of the 2nd region, Maria Helena Swan, stripped two injunctions that prevented the demolition of the old Indian Museum and forbade the removal of Indians from the village Maracana, showing disregard and ignore-as well as the Governor-the historical and Cultural value and destination of this Property, as well as the presence of various indigenous ethnic groups. We are now a national and international appeal calling everyone who can support us in this fight in defense of historical and Cultural heritage, and not only, as of all mankind. Rio de Janeiro, November 14, 2012-INDIGENOUS CULTURAL CENTER/village MARACANÃ ATTENTION: URGENT OCCUPATION OF VILLAGE MARACANÃ G R TODAY! OVERTHREW THE TWO INJUNCTIONS! ANYONE WHO CAN GO HERE

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