Federal Police reported entities by clash in village in PA and MT


11/14/2012 11:51 pm -updated 11/14/2012 11:51 pm

Federal Police reported entities by clash in village in PA and MT

Document signed by 116 entities says that there was abuse during action. Confrontation in the village killed one Indian and left several wounded Indians and agents.

Joy MacatangayThe G1 MT

PF diz que foi vítima de emboscada de índios que não aceitaram destruição de balsas (Foto: Assessoria/PF)
PF says that used both conventional weapons as a non-lethal weapon in the confrontation (photo: advice/PF)

A signed representation by 116 organizations and entities of civil society asked on Wednesday (14) to the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) an investigation into the activities of the Federal Police officers during an action of Operation Eldorado Teles Pires in the village that ended with an Indian killed in the last 7 days. Six other ethnic Indians Munduruku and four federal police were wounded.

The document signed by says that the agents abused authority to fulfill a judicial determination. “The result of the operation reveals violations that must be cleared with maximum speed and diligence. The police use of force was disproportionate to any possible reaction at this point. The indigenous wielded bow and arrow while the police, firearms “, as part of the document.

The representation also gives an account of how was the action of PF in the village which is located on the border between the States of Mato Grosso and Pará. “The Federal Police arrived in the village by helicopter flybys and firing rubber bullets, which scared the Indians, among them the elderly, children and women”, reported the paper.

The statement contradicts the Federal Police investigations that during 10 months showed the involvement of leaders of illegal gold extraction in the Munduruku in the region. Eavesdropping authorized by Justice show that the Munduruku Chameleon leader negotiated a permit for prospectors to explore the area. According to PF, three companies are suspected of passing money to the chieftain to extract the gold. Also according to the PF, the Indians received R $ 420 thousand per month obtained by illegal gold gold prospecting in the region.

The document also portrays how the Indians found the indigenous body killed during the confrontation. “The police fired on the Indians, resulting in several injuries and in the execution of a native leader. He was found by his people with three shots, one in the head and one on each of the legs. Natives claim that when the body fell into the water the federal Police threw bombs at him in an attempt to destroy it. “


The G1, the Superintendent of the Federal Police in Mato Grosso, César Augusto Martinez said a delegate who commanded the operation fired on an Indian after being chased in rio Teles Pires. “He was with the water already by the chest and after being hit by an arrow shot by him how and he said he was chased by two Indians. He made a shot that may or may not be of a firearm. He didn’t need to. We are investigating whether the Indian who died was shot by him, “reported the Superintendent who also said that the Indian’s body will be exhumed.

The representation also revealed that after the war, the village Teles Pires goes through difficulties to maintain the power to all the members, as are fishing and hunting equipment, according to the document, destroyed and confiscated by the PF.

Signed the document, representatives of trade unions, indigenous associations, class, student bodies, political parties and social movements in the Amazon region and across the country. The representation has been forwarded to the Attorney General of the Republic in Santarém (PA), which has autonomy to act with the Munduruku people.

Research Operation Eldorado was triggered to curb the illegal extraction of gold in Mato Grosso and six other States. The Federal Court issued prison warrants and 28 other 64 search and seizure.

During the investigation, federal agents investigated the participation of indigenous leaders in the criminal scheme. According to Martinez, the operation will enter the second phase when the crimes of money laundering will be established. In this phase, the Indians will be investigated. Thirteen Munduruku village, including Indians, will respond in court for the crimes of contempt and resistance.


video on the link~ http://g1.globo.com/mato-grosso/noticia/2012/11/entidades-denunciam-policia-federal-por-confronto-em-aldeia-no-pa-e-mt.html




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