Museu do Índio can be demolished next week

15/11 at 4:49 pm-Updated on 15/11 at 5:18 pm

Museu do Índio can be demolished next week

Boost Indians: “we will make the human cordon when they arrive”

Jornal do Brazil Henrique de Almeida

The Government guarantees that it will not initiate any process of demolition of the Indian Museum this week or on the sly. He also said that demolition actions will only be taken after the release of the notice with invitation to bid. The statement, made on Thursday (15) to Jornal do Brazil, departed from the Press Office of the State Government.

The natives of the village Maracana, however, shall ensure that: will fight until the end, and promise to do a strand of human isolation so that the cars of the State Government. “We will be, for the sake of Justice and compensation for indigenous peoples”, said Alfonso Apurinã, one of the village leaders.

The public hearing on the privatization of Maracanã, entitled the climate of war and even feces thrown at the Civil House Advisor, Regis Fichtner, completed on Thursday (15) exactly one week.

The Government will have firm strength

The Press Office of the State Government explained to the Newspaper from Brazil that the privatisation Tender of the maracana sports complex has not been released. The release should occur within 10 days after the public hearing. However, with the holidays, the bidding should only occur on November 21. The advice has ensured that any action concerning the Indian Museum will only be held after the release of the announcement.

Carlos Toucan, leader of the village Maracana, says that, as indigenous leader, has never been heard or respected in his position. According to him, the situation now is crucial, and will separate those who really are supporting the movement:

“I want to see at this point who is with us or not. This is the moment of truth. I want to see if the Brazilian Government will support us, and then not tell the world who is treating well the Indians, “fumed Toucan.

According to Apurinã, adherence to the indigenous movement increased greatly after the forfeiture of the injunctions by Federal Judge Kenneth Swan, President of the Federal Court of the 2nd region (TRF2):

“50 people signed the attendance list on the same night in which injunctions were cassadas. The movement is so big it up ourselves we are holding some accessions. We want less noise, violence and more wisdom. We cannot act against the State as they act against us, “said Apurinã.

Toucan agrees with Apurinã, and says the Government did little for Brazil’s Indians: “want me to show improvements. They promise that, by 2040, the situation will be better. Until then, the Indian is dead, “he said.

Students adhere to the movement

Priscilla M, 24, takes part in a collective movement of churches Ecocidadãs, which acts on the outskirts of Maracanã. Has been a student of Julia’s water park, also threatened demolition Delamare with privatization of Maracanã. She has an interesting idea to gauge the opinion of the population about the demolition of the Waterpark, the Athletics Stadium Celio de Barros Municipal school and Friendreich, in addition to the Village:

“We will talk with the Indians to the outskirts of Maracanã, knock from House to House to deliver a form for people to know what they think. The citizens would decide for something “, proposed to Priscilla, who arrived at the camp on Thursday (15).

Gabriel already, of 21 years, said he is with the Indians since last week, and that was the simplicity of them that motivated him to stay in place. The student made an interesting question about the World Cup:

“The culture of them deserves to be respected and we need to appreciate it. Wouldn’t it be great that foreigners, when they left the Maracana, came to the village after the Maracanã World Cup games and know our culture? “he asked, willing to share the same fate of the Indians of the village maracana. “If necessary, I will stay to the end.”



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