Protest against the demolition of the old Indian Museum

Social movements enjoy marcha Veta Rousseff for prostestar against the demolition of the old Indian Museum

11/26/2012-10:27 pm

Vladimir Platonow The Agency’s reporter Brazil

Rio de Janeiro–dozens of members of social movements have made a protest against the policy of removal by the State Government, mainly against the demolition of the old Indian Museum, during the March that asks the veto of President Dilma Rousseff to 2,565/Bill 11, which redistributes theoil royalties among all States and cities of the Federation.

The protesters, backed by Indians from various tribes, occupying the building of the former Museum, threatened with demolition to make way for a parking lot, next to the Journalist Mário Filho Stadium, the maracana, protested against the Governor of Rio, Sérgio Cabral.

For several moments, there was uproar among the members of the protest movement and militants who support the President veto the Bill. Banners and signs were torn between jostling and heated discussions. A woman was arrested by military police.

The cacique Carlos Tukano, who leads the occupation of the old Indian Museum, urged the preservation of the property, built in 1910. The building was also the headquarters of the ancient Indian Protection Service, headed by Marshal Cândido Rondon.

“Our presence here is for him [Sérgio Cabral] do not forget us. For [the Governor] don’t demolish our space, which combines ancient cultures. The royalties are a problem that forgot to invest in preservation of indigenous peoples “, said leading Tukano.


Editing: Aécio Amado


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