RJ ignores legal dispute and will pay $ 590k for those who demolish old Indian Museum


RJ ignores legal dispute and will pay $ 590k for those who demolish old Indian Museum 


The State Government of Rio de Janeiro launched last Thursday a public competition to hire the company that demolirá the old Indian Museum. Ignoring a legal dispute regarding the future of the property built in 1865, the Emop (the State’s Public Works company) intends to pay $ 590 million for those who put the building below and make room for the reform of the Maracana Stadium for the 2014 World Cup.

The value corresponds to the estimated cost of the contract, according to the notice published in the Official Gazette of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Companies interested in service must submit their budgets to the Emop on December 20. The winner of the competition will have 30 days to demolish the old Museum, which is at the center of a controversy.

Indians fear being expelled from land abandoned alongside the Maracana



Photo 1 of 7-Indian smokes in the Museu do Índio, abandoned since 2006 and located in front of the maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro in reform. A group of 17 Indians from various ethnic groups occupying the local fears that the works for the World Cup the expulssem from there. It is planned to build a parking lot with 10 000 vacancies around Sergio Mathur/Reuters

The historic building was home to the SPI (Indian Protection Service) and the first Indian Museum of Latin America, off years later. In 2006, the property was abandoned when a group of Indians the occupied in order to turn it into a cultural centre.

The former Museum, however, is next to maracana Stadium. The Government of Rio de Janeiro claims that the existence of the building hinders the mobility design for the stadium. So, want to demolish it.

The idea of demolition was made official in privatisation of Maracanã. In the draft of the public notice control of bidding, the Government included the removal of the Museum building in the list of works required for the future operator of the sports complex.


Um dos 17 índios que ocupam o Museu do Índio, abandonado desde 2006, caminha

The public defender of the Union, however, disagrees. So much so that the organ went into justice for tipping the building in an attempt to preserve it.

The Justice answered the request of Advocacy and barred the demolition in a preliminary decision. Days later, as a resource of the State Government, the judiciary has released the overthrow of the property.

This latest decision, however, is being challenged by Advocacy. The organ has already filed an appeal in the second instance and waits and a reassessment of the decision authorizing the demolition.

While this revaluation does not happen, the Government of Rio de Janeiro has already planned the destruction of the building and even anticipate your project. The demolition, which would only be made after the privatization of Maracanã, now must be held in an independent contract of lease of the stadium to be ready around February next year.

The Government of Rio de Janeiro was searched last Friday by UOL Esporte to explain the reasons that led him to publish a tender for hiring the service of demolition of the old Museum, as it was included in the privatization project of Maracanã. Did not respond.

The public defender of the Union declined to comment on the case, as it awaits the decision of Justice on his application.

Already the Indians occupying the old Indian Museum does not want to leave the place. “We will not give up,” said Carlos Tukano, one of the leaders of the so-called Village maracana. “We are living here for a long time. Let’s make a human cordon, calling everyone, but not but abandon the Museum at all. “

This Saturday, the Indians of the village Maracanã and other social movement participating in a demonstration against the demolition of the Indian Museum and the privatization project of Maracanã. The concentration for the walk starts at 9:30 subway station Saens Peña. Around 1:0 pm, must be performed a political act in front of the Maracanã.





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