The Indian tragedy of Brazil

The Indian tragedy of Brazil

October 23, 2012-16:09 Written by Regis Estevez


It seems that people are starting to realize the indigenous problem in this country. Well, no wonder. After the Guarani-Kaiowá leaders to send a letter to the Government and justice where they reveal the situation in which they live and the intention to commit collective suicide because of the actions carried out by farmers, Gunslingers and lack of attitude of the Federal Government seems finally, that people understand that this is not another case of no importance, that happens there, out of reach of our eyes and our guilt. However there are many issues that need to be observed in this context.

The story of the Indians of Brazil has always been critical. It is not only the problem of land, more than that, and perhaps the most serious is the loss of its history, the anthropological deviation of a people that is surrounded by walls remaining cultural colonisation and am not here speaking of Brazil’s colonization by the Portuguese, but pragmatic settlement to his will, that they impose dogmas and concepts that are not truly yours. The work of religious groups that preach a religion very contrary, indeed, to the most classic teachings of true Christianity spreading a brutal religious proselytizing, which replaced Tupa or Nhanderú, a Christian and a cross that belongs to them.

The Evangelical churches in particular are the most ardent in the steadfast struggle to annihilate an age-old belief that really overlaps to the teachings and practices nailed. This fight is unfair and perhaps the worst because the Indians simply cannot argue about something ignorant. Is in your spirit and ritualistic religiosity training, understanding that the actions of Tupa present themselves in the Woods, on the rivers and in the air. How can exchange their God by another that even you made some well through your “sent” which, by the way, flout, threaten, punish. The God Tupa or Nhanderú is not punitive.

On the other hand, lack the Government understand that Indians are not farmers, do not create or should not raise farm animals, living largely and historically, hunting, fishing, collecting in the native forests of what they need for survival. Indium has no pantry, kitchen cabinet does not have and not the kitchen. Believes faithfully that Tupa will provide them the next day and that the food will not miss, because it is there, loose and free as the Indians themselves but the white man is the natural source of resources.

Indians does not arise within a demarcated area hoping they can survive on Agriculture and even worse, it takes villages and tribes from one region to another because there will flood because of a hydroelectric power plant, see Belo Monte, Jirau, Santo Antônio and many others or because the land is in dispute and it is necessary to wait for justice. That Justice?

In 2007 made a documentary about the work of some missionaries in the Western region of Santa Catarina, where the guarani people was under strong pressure from some politicians, no place to live, without even a proper life expectancy. They lived in an area borrowed by people leader, warriors, and bathed in the waters of a river that contained immense volume of pig manure, played by breeders who sell their production to the large stores in the area. Ninety percent of the village had hepatitis and worse, a look lost, looking for without knowing what and without knowing where. The city of Chapecó is whole within an indigenous area and the real owners of the land they live in rural peripheries, in small areas demarcated, taking shot when any area they are returned. 

Products used in sacred rituals are sold by the Indians themselves as crafts, alcoholism has sky-high rates and consume human dignity, whether indigenous or not, and a life expectancy almost there size number of threats and killings. The Indians are losing their essential condition in order to be able to survive all the problems we are living the faith in its own historical truth, your identity. They are no longer being massacred only by farmers, but also by the lack of government action, religious institutions and by themselves when they desencontrarem themselves.

Unfortunately today there are also a few rich villages, with pick-ups, mobiles, computers. There’s also the bargain, exchanging that already existed at the time of the Villas Boas, but today are much more expensive than the mirrors and bows and arrows. The lands in exchange for schools, cars, a God on the other. Trading of truths that never will be undertaken and an exchange of life condition for the inevitable future in slums. And worst of all, the return of shame by lack thereof, caused by lack of dignity taken by neglect of ordinary people like you and me who are reading this article.


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