In AM, Indians from up to 80 years receive first document during action


12/6/2012 12:01 am -updated 12/6/2012 12:06 am

In AM, Indians from up to 80 years receive first document during action

Indigenous communities of São Gabriel da Cachoeira are benefited. Documentation will promote inclusion of Indians in federal programs.


Adneison SandovalThe G1 AM

Índigenas de duas etnias receberam seus primeiros documentos  (Foto: Adneison Severiano/G1 AM)Indian tribe of two ethnic groups received their first documents (photo: Adneison/G1 AM Sangama)

A joint initiative developed by the Federal and State Governments intend to enable social inclusion of Indians from isolated areas in the municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeira, 986 kilometers from Manaus. By issuing a series of documents, being promoted the recognition of the existence of indigenous populations, not included in the official records. The action started in late November to 14 day this month. In the first step, Indians from up to 80 years of age withdrew the first document after eight decades of life.

The G1 has followed the action on the first indigenous community to receive the Eradication Campaign of the Civil Registration of birth in Pari-Cachoeira, 315 miles of the town and just 30 km away from the border with Colombia. In the village live approximately 5,370 Indians from 13 different ethnic groups.

Indígenas foram registrados em ação em São Gabriel da Cachoeira (Foto: Adneison Severiano/G1 AM)Indians were reported in action in São Gabriel da Cachoeira (photo: Adneison/G1 AM Sangama)

Articulated by Secretary of State of Social assistance and citizenship (Seas), since the last day 27 are in a team with 32 professionals of the following bodies: National Indian Foundation (Funai), Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE-AM), National Social Security Institute (INSS), Court of Amazonas (TJAM), Family allowance program, registry and municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeira. The action is part of the work plan of the State Pact to counter signed by the Governments of Amazonas and Federal.

Among the services offered, the Indians are taking the opportunity to require the authorization of the indigenous Birth Registration (Rani), that allows the emission of other documents-Civil Registry of birth, identity cards, CPF; In addition to the Title of Elector, work and Social Security (CTPS) for Indians aged from 16 years.

Comunidade atendida abriga 5.370 índios de 13 grupos étnicos diferentes (Foto: Adneison Severiano/G1 AM)Community met houses 5,370 Indians from 13 different ethnic groups (photo: Adneison/G1 AM Sangama)

As the representative of the Seas and coordinator of action, Mithza Cid, undocumented Indians are considered to be ‘ invisible ‘ do not appear in the official records of Brazil. “These people don’t show up in the logs, only in negative due to attendance statistics does not arrive. They lacked the Rani and much less the Civil Registration of birth. These indigenous groups were aware of those earlier days, “documents showed.

In the first stage, are being benefited with social action the Hupd ‘ ãh ethnic Indians and Yuhupdeh. Mithza Cid explained that São Gabriel da Cachoeira has been chosen for about 95% of the indigenous population. “Even motivated him to choose to be the logistics more difficult to access to basic social services,” he added.

Primeira comunidade a receber a ação foi a de Pari-Cachoeira (Foto: Adneison Severiano/G1 AM)The first community to receive the action was to Pari-Cachoeira (photo: Adneison/G1 AM Sangama)

The Tukano ethnic Indian and Indigenous community leader Pari-Cachoeira (Cipac), Alfonso Machado, revealed that before the Indians depended on the goodwill of politicians and authorities to request the documentation, which is not fully met the demand.

According to him, the distance from the community to the seat of São Gabriel da Cachoeira, a lack of navigable by vessels stretch of Rio Negro of strong currents and the absence of fuel resources hindered access to services. The indigenous leader revealed that the liter of petrol reaches cost $ 8 and that most can’t go to the town.

Although they live in the most isolated areas and surrounded by the Amazon rainforest, Alfonso M argued that the Indians need help to secure the future of the families. “This time two weeks before this team reach our community received the statement, which would be offered these social services. This initiative really help our younger brothers abandoned the Hupd ‘ ãh ethnicities and Yuhupdeh. I thank all who are engaged in this action, which will guarantee benefits of Bolsa Família, maternity, retirement aid and documents. Now that the motto ‘ Brazil Without Poverty ‘ is coming to us, “said the Indian leader.

Índios das etnias Hupd'ãh e Yuhupdeh foram atendidos em São Gabriel da Cachoeira (Foto: Adneison Severiano/G1 AM)Ethnic Indians Hupd ‘ ãh and Yuhupdeh were seen in the Community (photo: Adneison/G1 AM Sangama)

Guidance Before the start of the issuance of documentation, the Indians have received guidance from the Regional coordination of Funai with information for each document, and the social benefits available in federal programs.

“This preparation was very crafted by Funai, which held the call active search, going in search of these people considered invisible. The purpose is not simply to bring the documentation. The important thing is to clarify what benefits they are entitled, “said the Coordinator of the Seas, Mithza Cid.

In the preliminary balance sheet for the first eight days of action, 21,773 attendances were performed on Pari-Cachoeira. 525 have been issued identity cards, birth certificates, 453 999 Rani, 360 statements by the INSS, 234 titles of elector, 988 CTPS and 89 additions to the Register Only.

After the conclusion of the work on Pari-Cachoeira on Thursday (6), the team proceeds to the community of Matucará, where it meets the Yanomami ethnic Indians until next day 14.

21.773 atendimentos foram realizados em Pari-Cachoeira (Foto: Adneison Severiano/G1 AM)21,773 attendances were performed on Pari-Cachoeira (photo: Adneison/G1 AM Sangama)

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