Indians wounded in confrontation with the PF are operated after court ruling


12/4/2012 10:52 pm -updated 12/5/2012 05:07 pm

Indians wounded in confrontation with the PF are operated after court ruling

The Indians were transferred and operated at the University hospital of Cuiabá. They were injured in action in operation Eldorado, on the border of MT with the PA.


Joy MacatangayThe G1 MT

Índio de 44 anos internado em Cuiabá após conflito com a PF pode ter braço amputado (Foto: Funai/Alta Floresta)Ellie Borô still hospitalized awaiting hospital (photo: Funai/Alta Floresta)

The Munduruku ethnic Indians that two are for almost a month in Cuiaba for treatment after injuring himself during confrontation with federal police in an action of Operation Eldorado, on the border of Mato Grosso with the Stop, left the emergency room of the capital after the Federal Court of Mato Grosso to accede to a request from the Federal Public Ministry (MPF-MT) that was indigenous to worthy service.

The hospital, one of them, identified as Helen Munduruku, 52 years Kirixi, fled through the front door and was gone for five days. According to the House of Indigenous Health (Beach), Cuiabá, in the day of the escape, Eurico was without litter and felt uncomfortable with the lack of structure of the emergency room. Christopher Mores, Borô, remained in place. Both were being met in the hallway because of the overcrowding of the unit.

In the decision, judge cover for the second Federal Court, Ducker Ody Balasubramanian, determined that the Indians were immediately subjected to an orthopedic surgery to correct fractures … The magistrate stipulated a fine of up to $ 50,000 for each day of noncompliance.

Not be able to operate the Indians within the time limit set by the Court, the Director of the emergency room was not only claimed that the Indians to immediate operation by problems in a surgical room equipment. Not to be fined by the Court, the emergency room was able to transfer the Indians to the University General Hospital (HGU), which is administered by a private University in the capital.

There, they were subjected to surgery ordered by the Justice at the end of November. Eurico Kirixi was injured in the arm and pins from the hospital. It waits for return to village Teles Pires.

As Ellie, as well as a fixer in the arm deployed orthopedic needed make a graft. He remains hospitalized at HGU in observation status. Without infection and with a good clinical evolution, it is not at risk of having the arm amputated, as it was considered initially by the medical staff of the emergency room.

The G1, the Couple reported that if Gore can discharge this month, the duo will only return the Cuiaba on day January 18, to make routine examinations. Eurico and Moody were injured along with other four Indians and four federal agents during the conflict. A native ended up dead after being hit by at least three shots.

Operation Eldorado Operation Eldorado was triggered to curb the illegal extraction of gold in Mato Grosso and six other States. The Federal Court issued prison warrants and 28 other 64 search and seizure. The conflict occurred when agents tried to destroy a ferry allegedly used in illegal gold extraction in rio Teles Pires.

To comply with a judicial warrant, the agents of PF used in addition to non-lethal weapons, conventional weapons. The Federal Police opened investigation to establish whether the Indian killed in the conflict, was hit by a shot made by one of the delegates who commanded the operation.

PF diz que foi vítima de emboscada de índios que não aceitaram destruição de balsas (Foto: Assessoria/PF)PF says he was victim of ambush of Indians who did not accept the destruction of rafts (photo: advice/PF)

During the investigation, federal agents pointed out the participation of indigenous leaders in the criminal scheme. According to the Superintendent of the PF, César Augusto Martinez, the operation will enter the second phase when the crimes of money laundering will be established.

In this phase, the Indians will be investigated. Thirteen Munduruku village, including Indians, will respond in court for the crimes of contempt and resistance. Entities linked to social movements repudiated the action and, in a representation submitted to the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), rated the performance of the PF as action. The MPF do Pará and Mato Grosso opened inquiry to investigate the case.


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