Huni Kuĩ Kaxinawá


At the UN, Brazilian indigenous talks about the culture of the people Kuĩ Huni

In encounter “Tuwe and the dream of a young Indian filmmaker,” he told about the history of your community, which lives in Acre; Tuwe won a scholarship and learn English in New York.

Leda Letter, the UN radio in New York.

A young indigenous leader from the Amazon state of Acre was at United Nations Headquarters on Friday, to talk about the culture and rights of the people Kuĩ Kaxinawá Huni.

Huni Kuĩ Kaxinawá has 28 years and won a scholarship to learn English at New York University. He’s in Manhattan this September and told UN radio his impressions of the island.


“It is not easy to get here, get out of the middle of the forest and arrive in New York, ‘ on the other side of the world ‘. The impression for me was very strong, in relation to the cultural, social, political issue, the climate. The reality is totally different from the culture of my people, of where I live. Before I travel, I thought the whole world was like my village, full of forests, full of biodiversity, full of harmony and peace. But I began to realize that each place has its reality. ” ~ Huni Kuĩ Kaxinawá

English lessons

The Office of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Affairs of the UN invited Huni Kuĩ Kaxinawá for a debate on the situation of the indigenous Brazilians and the videos he produces on his people. In encounter “Tuwe and the dream of a young director indigenous”, he spoke of his aspirations.

“My dream is to be able to help my people, we improve our quality of life, have more autonomy, more empowerment. Another dream is to be able to learn English and use that language as a working tool to be able to better communicate with the global world, because I’m an articulator, a multiplier and a Messenger of my people. ” ~ Huni Kuĩ Kaxinawá

Huni Kuĩ Kaxinawá plans to continue studying English in New York until May of next year.


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