Raoni for the Nobel Peace Prize


Raoni for the Nobel Peace Prize


Raoni for the Nobel Peace Prize


Why this is important

With the campaign for the nomination of Chief Raoni for the Nobel Peace Prize, we intend to draw the attention of the country and the world for his struggle for the salvation of indigenous and riverine Amazon, as well as the salvation of the forest and the Xingu River, heritages of Brazil and the planet.

Petition Letter:

We, undersigned, are citizens that believe in economic development with socio-environment responsability. Thus, we support Caiapo Chief Raoni and the indigenous people of the Xingu Park in demanding that the Brazilian Government stop building the Belo Monte dam, given it is funded by public resources and there are many lawsuits concerning the dam still unjudged. Its building violates socio-environmental laws in the Brazilian Constitution, specially those in the art. 231. We demand that such questions are resolved as soon as possible, because they impact Amazon’s present and future. We want Raoni for the Nobel Peace Prize to call global attention for such questions, in the interest of everybody. With your support, we can save indians, riverside, people, the river and the forest.



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