Experts celebrate suspension Y-Jetty project

Experts celebrate suspension Y-Jetty project

Decision of Justice was based on popular action alert to  environmental damage

Luiz Ernesto Magalhães

Published:12/17/12- 11:00  pm
Updated:12/17/12- 11:00  pm
 Desproporção. A fotomontagem mostra como ficará a paisagem com a instalação do píer em Y no Cais do Porto: o prédio do Museu do Amanhã é ofuscado pelo transatlântico Foto: Reprodução
Disproportion. The photomontage  shows how will the landscape with the installation of Y-Jetty in Jetty of the  port: the Museum building of tomorrow is overshadowed by ocean liner Playing

-The decision of  suspend, indefinitely, any initiative to take the role the project foresees the  construction of a pier in Y in the port area of Rio, was celebrated by  architects and urban planners. They are opposed  to the plan to build a new pier, between 2 and 3 warehouses, to receive  simultaneously six ocean liners, which can grow to 60 feet tall. Experts believe that the ships could cause urban and visual impact to  listed goods as the monastery of St. Benedict, or who interfere in area  revitalization projects as the future Museum of Tomorrow, at the Praça Mauá  Pier. For the experts, the stoppage by order of  Justice will allow realization of a wide debate on the subject. And it is a way to seek alternatives, how to perform work in another  point of the port or even do not realize it.

— The stoppage will make it possible to open a discussion  with the society to find a solution that satisfies all interests-said the  President of the Institute of architects of Brazil (IAB), Sergio Magalhaes.

Sergio added that the IAB aims to promote wide debate with  all concerned to try and reach consensus. Will  be invited representatives of docks, of the Institute of National historical and  artistic heritage (Iphan), part of the river and of other organs.

The State Rep. Aspasia Camargo (PV), which proposed  the action which called for the cancellation of environmental licenses already  granted by the State Commission of Environmental Control (Ceca) and the State  Environmental Institute (Inea), considered the ruling a victory for the city. She remembers that there are 40 years it discusses a plan  to revitalize the Waterfront.

— Just when the port Wonder starts running a project  of insperado Docks that can compromise the recovery plan. New investments in the port area, as the reurbanization of Praça Mauá  and the construction of facilities such as the Museum of Tomorrow, have been  carefully designed to be integrated with the historical part of the region. The pier in Y never done much of that  planning–said Aspasia.

In the assessment of the President of the Brazilian Association of  architectural firms, Vicente Giffone, the Court ruling was correct.

— The company Docks submits that the construction of  the pier complies with technical criteria. But in a  recovery plan as being developed in the port area, the technical side cannot  prevail over the legacy of a project like this for the city — said  Giffone.

The Court decision was taken amid controversial  negotiations between the docks and the City Hall. Docks  studies “clearing” the warehouses 1 and 2, neighbors to Pier Mauá, to create a  new area of public movement in the port area. But, in the  assessment of experts, the damage to the port area would be the same. Criticized for agreeing to the deal, Mayor Eduardo Paes  chose not to manifest itself yesterday. On the  eve, Paes claimed that couldn’t interfere in a decision of the Union.

— We will discuss. Why wouldn’t it be  possible to build the pier in Y nearest the cashews and, at the same time,  release these two warehouses to integrate to the city? It would be more interesting — said the Congressman Otávio Leite  (PSDB), which last week organized a public hearing in Congress about the  project.

Docks reported that has not been cited in the process. And that when it is officially summoned shall take the  measures necessary legal. In November, however,  asserts that the Docks bid had already been completed, but that the contract had  not yet been signed to give an opportunity to the Instituto do Patrimônio  Histórico e Artístico Nacional (Iphan) to speak about the case.

In a statement, the Inea claimed that the controversy from  the pier in Y relates essentially to a landscape issue. For the organ, the strictly environmental point of view, in relation  to a port installed for over a hundred years, the construction of the pier does  not represent significant environmental impacts. The Inea  added that the environmental permits are not valid without the licenses of other  bodies involved in the project, as the Iphan, the City Hall and the  Navy.

The injunction was granted on Friday night by judge  of the 15th Pole of Exchequer Felipe Nunes Ferreira, João Mourão. In the order, the judge João Mourão reminds us that the area is  undergoing a revitalization process that risks being compromised:

” No one can also turn a blind eye to the impact  that the completion of this work will bring to the region (…) that passes by  important urbanistic interventions aimed precisely to rescue the plasticity and  beauty without equal of the port area of the city and that much is hidden by  viaducts and buildings there.(…). In view of the apparent transatlantic vessels Gigantism that will dock  at piers, covering not only the view of the monastery of St. Benedict and the  future Museum of tomorrow (…) the risk of damage difficult to repair latent is  to already have been the conclusion of the bidding, ” he wrote in his order the  judge João Mourão.


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