Families of squatters in the indigenous area in MT will be relocated

12/17/20126:57 pm

Families of squatters in the indigenous area in MT will be relocated



Eighty families of squatters living in the area considered by Justice as the xavante indigenous Marãiwatsédé, in northeastern Mato Grosso, should begin to be carried out for settlements in the region from this Tuesday (18).

According to the federal Government, they fit the profile of someone who can be revived by Incra (National Institute of colonization and land reform).

The General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic reported that 183 families were registered. The other 103 are still being analyzed.

Cannot be settled families that have other evidence of rural property, which have already been covered by agrarian reform program or who have income greater than three minimum wages.

Squatters occupy the area since 1992. The indigenous land was approved in 1998 by then-President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. In November this year, the families were notified by Justice officials, who have 30 days to leave the area of 165 hectares.

The squatters say the Funai (National Indian Foundation) purposely missed the demarcation of Marãiwatsédé to cover up a failure of Incra. The Foundation denies the accusation.

Families will be taken to fazenda Santa Rita, in Ribeirão Cascalheira (MT), where there are already resettled four years ago. Representatives of these farmers say there is no more space for new families. But, according to the federal Government, there are 250 lots available.

Each has area between 50 and 60 hectares.

Jarder Patricio Ahmadi/Estado sheet  Produtores fazem enterro simbólico em protesto contra despejo em área indígena em Mato Grosso

Producers are symbolic burial in protest against dump on indigenous area in Mato Grosso


The schedule of changes has not been disclosed. The trucks will be escorted up to the final destination to avoid attacks by protesters.

Last Thursday (13), squatters armed with molotov cocktails, slingshots and stones staged an ambush to intercept the truck that carried the change of one of them. The vehicle, however, had already left and a convoy of 20 cars and about 80 security officers foiled the attack.

Until Sunday (16), 31 properties had been addressed by bailiffs. Funai reported that 15 of these farms have already been officially taken over. The owners of the other received more 12:0 am to remove objects. A farmer has received over ten days to remove animals and furniture. There is no forecast for completing the operation.


A company hired by the Dnit (National Department of transport infrastructure) concluded on Sunday evening (16) a diversion so that cars and trucks pass by excerpt in which a bridge was sawed and burned. A truck with 26 tonnes of meat stuck on the River since Saturday morning (15).

The owner of the vehicle says that other truck drivers are afraid to go to the location to remove the load and remove the truck. The BR-158 in Posto da Mata, district of Alto Boa Vista and main focus of tension in the area, was resumed at the weekend.




Decision on indigenous area takes “ruralists” roads in MT



Rural unions of northeast of Mato Grosso joined squatters since the beginning of the week are being evicted by court order of the xavante indígena Marãiwatsédé area.

Although they are not affected by the withdrawal, the “ruralists” thicken the resistance on locks held since last week on several stretches of Highway BR-158, which connects the State to Stop.

The offsets in the region, already difficult, were almost impractical.

In Baguio, district of Alto Boa Vista (MT) which is the main focus of tension, the blocking began on March 5 and has since had a few hours of traffic.

The PRF (Federal Highway Police) confirmed yesterday other acts in Alto Boa Vista and in Barra do Garças.

The Leaf witnessed at least two locks: one in Vila Rica, bordered by the Stop, and another in the next municipality, Confresa heading south.

In Vila Rica, a cart was crossed on the track at 12:0 (1:0 pm at GMT). An adviser to the local rural Union, which was not identified, demanded identification Sheet team–said he distrusted social militant infiltrators.

“People of NGOs we break,” he said, before being calmed by colleagues.

Juca Varella/Deals Grupo tenta atravessar à pé o bloqueio na entrada da cidade de Confresa (MT)

Group tries to cross on foot the blockage at the entrance of the city of Confresa (MT)

The protesters settled under awnings with protest songs: “Dilma Rousseff, the Araguaia people deserves more respect.” Promoted barbecues to calm motorists stranded.

The trucker Jose Sousa France, 31, who left the Piauí towards Canarana (MT), stood with the empty cart. Said agreeing to the manifestation. “The Government is doing with them a very big injustice,” he said, before dropping down to eat with the “ruralists”.

Faithful of the Assembly of God who came from southern Pará to church fell in and were on foot, with luggage to the hotel. A farmer who was carrying fertilizer called for pedestrians to load ten bags of 50 pounds each to another car.

Following more 85 km, the report found another blockade near Confresa. At the site, said producers fear that their lands are also declared indigenous area. “It can happen here,” said Hasnat Wagner.

To escape the blockade and follow towards Banbury, had to take a detour of 30 km by dirt road.


The xavantes were removed from their lands in the 1960 by the military Government. Indians and squatters face each other in court since 1995. The area was certified as indigenous land in 1998.

About 2,400 non-Indians living in the land of the Xavante, and the Federal Court determined that they leave the area until the next day 17. In the second there were clashes between squatters and police forces.

There was no Federal Highway police officers in where the story went yesterday. The head of operations for PRF in Mato Grosso, Fabiano Jandrei, is said to have effective reduced and not put men at risk to stop the acts.





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