Justice orders North energy that use data from the MPF in Belo Monte hit register

Justice orders North energy that use data from the MPF in Belo Monte hit register

A judge gave 60-day deadline for registration of residents, identification and assessment of buildings according to the study done by UFPA for MPF
12/19/2012 to 05:05 pm The Federal Court granted an injunction to the Federal Public Prosecutor and ordered the North energy that make, within 60 days, the registration of residents affected by the Belo Monte dam in Altamira urban core according to data calculated by the MPF in independent study. The independent report, done through technical cooperation with the UFPA, miscalculations in the environmental impact assessment used by entrepreneurs.
According to the study of MPF, the number of displaced persons in the town of Altamira by flooding that the plant will cause can be much larger than expected by the venturers and if they use incorrect data for compensation and resettlement procedures, can leave thousands of Altamira residents without compensation or mitigation, as requires the environmental license.
The federal judge John Lowell baht Senna, agreed that if confirmed the error in the impact Study, there may be serious prejudice to the population. “The beginning of the fulfillment of this condition (the registration of hit), based on the study conducted by the company will bring serious consequences to people not covered by the quota 100, because the difference is considerable, behold more than 9 thousand residents will not be inserted in the so-called quota 100 unprotected,” says the injunction.
In case of non-compliance with the decision by the North energy, Justice refereed daily fine of r $ 10 thousand. The process clears the number 0002708-66.2012.4.01.3903
Understand the case Dimension 100 independent measurement was requested by the MPF in 2010 after complaints from the population of Altamira, which did not have access to clear information about offsets and indemnities. Were two years of study until the completion of the UFPA were delivered, demonstrating the undersizing of the number of affected, caused in part by imprecision in geodetic mark used as a basis for work, in part by the use of outdated population data. The MPF provides that more than 25 million people may be displaced, 9 million more than anticipated in the study of impacts. The number may be much higher if they are taken into account the most up-to-date data, after the migratory stream led by the works of the plant itself. The MPF reminds the Court that “all major buses on Amazon have reached families who came to know that they were in this condition only when their homes were submerged.


Attorney General of the Republic in Pará
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Meet the press: Helen Palmquist, Murilo Hildebrand de Abreu
Headphones: (91) 3299-3299/0148-0177
Email: ascom@prpa.mpf.gov.br
Twitter: http://twitter.com/MPF_PA



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