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Belo Monte works arrive at the end of the year with concessionnaire guarantees, schedule

12/29/2012-05:06 pm
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Peter Peduzzi The Agency’s reporter Brazil

Brasilia-the example of previous years, the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant remained in 2012 as the subject of much controversy involving environmentalists, developmental, social movements, indigenous peoples, coastal communities and the Government, with the occurrence of strikes and even a fire. After all, the North Energy Assessment – concessionaire responsible for construction and operation of the power plant – is that the difficulties have not involved in delayed the schedule. Thus, the civil infrastructure works finish the year 20% completed.

Consulted by the Agency Brazil, Norte Energia reported to be closing in 2012 with 18 thousand workers hired, of which 14 000 directly by Consórcio Construtor Belo Monte (CCBM), responsible for the civil works of the enterprise. The peak of the work will be achieved in the second half of 2013, when 28 thousand workers will be hired – of which 21 thousand by the Consortium and 7 thousand by subcontractors.

“In spite of the partial and total outages in construction sites, the schedule of entry into operation of the first turbine has not changed the date February 2015 because of outages, there is always a recovery and reorganization of the tasks at the jobsites to increment the working sites and keep the schedule,” said North.

Of 250 kilometers of access and service roads, about 170 kilometers are already deployed. Among the targets are expected to be completed until early 2013, was the closing of cofferdams (dams that divert part of the River, allowing the machines to work in dry area) of Pimental. The fence, however, has been made since December 19. Following this rhythm, mandatory excavations, conditioned to prior redemption of fish, will begin in January next year.

The total investment in Belo Monte is estimated at r $ 28.9 billion. Part of this amount ($ 22.5 billion) will be financed by the Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES). The announcement of the approval of that which is the largest bank loan to a project was made on November 26. Northern’s shareholders will disburse Energy, throughout the project, about $ 6 billion in own resources.

According to the company, the venture has already received more than $ 5 billion in investments. “Only in actions of social compensation to the municipalities affected, have already been applied for more than $ 600 million in construction of schools, sports courts, health centers, hospitals, improving urban infrastructure and rural infrastructure, encouraging sustainable production and public safety infrastructure,” said North.

In the midst of the contracted and actions in progress in 2012, the North Energy points to r $ 120 million invested in sanitation of Altamira and $ 63 million in Vitória do Xingu. With the resettlement of urban public infrastructure were invested r $ 120 million, and environmental improvement of landfill of Altamira were invested R $ 6 million.

For 2013, the company anticipates the start of construction of 4.1 thousand homes for the public urban resettlement; the construction of the Altamira Hospital and the Landfill of Altamira; In addition to giving continuity to the works of sanitation. The social area has an investment of r $ 3.88 billion, divided between social, environmental and land deeds.

Although the figures presented by the North energy, the Federal Prosecutor in para (MPF-PA) fired in December, justice to compel the company to make a new registration of residents affected by the dam. Based on a study at the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), the MPF argues that the artificial lake will reach a height of 90 cm above the level pointed out in impact assessments.

In response, the North Energy says that this difference is due to the fact the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE) have approved two different landmarks, and that used by UFPA doesn’t have the precision required for this type of survey.

The $ 2.3 billion in social investments provided for by the basic environmental project (PBA) will involve activities such as support to cultural heritage, health and sanitation, and family relocations.

For environmental compensation and physical and biotic environment projects-also provided for by the PBA, for preservation of flora and fauna and environmental compensation projects such as creating green areas – will be for $ 670 million, reported the North energy. A further r $ 644 million will be earmarked for land area through land acquisition.

Still according to Norte Energia, in 2011 and 2012 were committed about $ 50 million in more than 60 projects on Regional Sustainable development plan of Xingu. The forecast is that by 2031, run r $ 500 million just with this plan.

Editing: Tereza Barbosa


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