Despite protests, demolition of the Indian Museum is ‘ matter of time ‘ according to entrepreneur

Despite protests, demolition of the Indian Museum is ‘ matter of time ‘ according to entrepreneur

12/30/2012 15:13 By Writing-Rio de Janeiro

O cacique Tukano permanece na luta por seus direitos à frente da Aldeia Maracanã, pela conservação do Museu do Índio

The demolition of the Indian Museum would be only a matter of time, according to entrepreneurs participating in the recovery project of the stadium Mário Filho, the maracana, despite protests that have taken place with increasing intensity through the streets of Rio de Janeiro, over the last few days. Earlier this month, about 500 people participated in an act against the State Government project, which provides for the granting of the Maracana to private enterprise, in an operation largely set in favour of the proposal put forward by representatives of the business group of Eike Batista fluminense.

Representatives of civil society mobilized in an attempt to enforce legal sanctions against the measure but found the  Post of Brazil on Sunday, with the source connected to Batista’s business group and the Government of journalist Sérgio Cabral Filho, once defined the operator, “the Museum goes down,” said one of the negotiators related to the EBX Group, who prefers to remain anonymous.

The notice with invitation to bid for the choice of the administrator who will remain for 35 years at the helm of the country’s most famous stadium for next year, but the bases presented by State Government sectors already have clubs of the dispute and will be up to the new dealer present financial soundness to cover the amount of R $ 7 million per year during the period ahead of the administration of the sports arena.

-The financial obligations of the contract require the use of the reserved area in the notice and the parking lot is an important source for coverage of the costs – said the representative of the new entrants, in particular for the proposal, are among the few Brazilian business groups with economic capacity for participation in the competition and, so far, the only one to be interested in the project thatIn addition to the reform of Maracanãzinho, includes the construction of the Museum of football, two parking lots and leisure areas with bars and restaurants. The works are estimated at about $ 450 million.

Popular force

To postpone the presentation of the notice for the next year, according to the source, the State Government wins more time to detail the project and measure the popular force which has the movement for preservation of Indian Museum.

Manifestantes foram às ruas protestar contra a demolição do Museu do Índio

-If the noise (of the protesters) were too high, it would be necessary to promote changes in the project and recheck the financial feasibility of the company as a whole. It is difficult to get a new equilibrium point, but everything depends on the time when the tender is submitted and under which conditions. The fact is that we will be within the maximum time limits for decisions with a view to the World Cup and this is a key point for any decisions-said.

But there would still be room for the resistance. On the page of the Institute of Latin American studies (IELA), Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) an article on the studies produced in the Project The original peoples of Nuestra America – recovery cultures of ancient civilizations and the fight of this, coordinated by Professor and journalist Lacis, proposes a reflection:

“To do so? The cold logic of impotence of capital? Maybe it’s time to mention Aimbiré, the sacred soul of the tamoia Confederation, secular desire for freedom of the people indigenous to live their culture, their gods, their way of life. And, with this force, start a rebellion that hit the most sensitive point that people who want to overthrow the village Maracanã: the Pocket “.

“The forms? We will find, “says the article.

In the judicial sphere, however, the inhabitants of the village Maracana, who try to subsist on the site threatened by a millionaire, has worsened considerably in recent days. Last week, were knocked down two injunctions that favored. One of them demanded the permanence of indigenous peoples within the building of the old Indian Museum, and the other was preventing the demolition of the building. Both injunctions were granted at the request of public defender of the Union, and its overthrow leaves the way clear for the Indians to be evicted and the building demolished.

– The Governor says he has nothing against the Indians, but did not give us any solution or guidance. We need the space, which is a reference to indigenous peoples, not only those who are here, but at the national level. This space is for us as important as the royalties on oil are important to him – claims the Tukano tribe chieftain maracana.

The Chief believes that “instead of talking about demolition, should enhance the Indian Museum for the World Cup”.

– Is not just a building, the fact is that he carries the memory of indigenous peoples. There was established in 1910 by the Marechal Rondon the first institution of the federal Government to address the interests of indigenous peoples. It was there also that in 1953 the Darcy Ribeiro founded the first Museum of South America on indigenous peoples. It’s a historic site, the journalists said.

The State Governor, in Office until the elections of 2014, however, disagrees:

-The building is in an area of project preparation mobility Maracana for the World Cup and will be demolished. Fifa requires a high degree of mobility for the movement of persons in the vicinity of the stadium, in addition to this building has no historic value-C sentences, which prepares the displacement of 23 ethnic Indians Pataxó, Apurinã, Tukano, Guarani and Guajajara.

The land measures 1.6 thousand square meters and the building sucks, no roof in good part of it, which forced residents to build small houses with stucco lining (mixture of water, plaster and glue). In the backyard, the Indians planting vegetables for their own use, but still live together with structural problems, such as lack of water and electricity.

To try to survive inside of the minimum conditions of habitability, the natives of the village Maracana maintains a cultural center, which conducts the first Saturday of each month a food festival, indigenous arts, rituals and music.


One thought on “Despite protests, demolition of the Indian Museum is ‘ matter of time ‘ according to entrepreneur

  1. I would rather see the indian museum building then another stadium which one can see all over the world. We need the space has been the long time excuse to push indians around since the arrivl of the Europeans on this continent,
    and now it needs to be done again for what? futbol ! Let’s just leave the building where it is…

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