Indigenous leaders are blocking access to the construction site of Belo Monte

1/7/2013 02:07 pm -updated 1/7/2013 5:29 pm

Indigenous leaders are blocking access to the construction

site of Belo Monte

About 20 Indians from the Juruna complain of water quality.
Activities on Pimental were stalled during the day.


The G1 PA

Cerca de 20 índios bloqueiam o acesso ao sítio Pimental nesta segunda-feira, 7 (Foto: Felipe Adam / arquivo pessoal)
About 20 Indians block access to the site on Monday, Pimental 7 (photo: Philip Adam/personal archive)

About 20 indigenous leaders from the Juruna block this Monday (7) access to the site Pimental, one of the construction sites of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant which is being built on the Xingu River, in the southeast of Pará. The lock was made at the site known as Traverse 27, approximately 4 km from the entrance of the construction site access. With the protest, workers of the Consórcio Construtor of Belo Monte (CCBM) were unable to work in the venture since the 6:30 this second.

According to the Indians, the villages are being harmed by the execution of the work, since the water of the Xingu River would be getting dirty thanks to work in construction, leaving the tribes without clean water to drink and harming fishing, which is the main activity of communities affected by the work.

According to the CCBM, the Indians not occupied areas of consórcio construtor and, beyond the lost workday injury, there was no damage to property.

In a statement, Norte Energia S.A., a company responsible for the construction and operation of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant, said that all the demands of the indigenous communities near the Belo Monte Plant are underway, as the agreements closed on previous meetings between the company and the indigenous leaders.

According to the company, some demands were agreed between the parties are more complex, involving works such as, for example, artesian wells and slopes to landing aircraft.

According to the note, the Board of the company is with meeting scheduled for tomorrow at 2:0 pm, to discuss the points raised.


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