The Indians keep blocking the access to the Belo Monte dam !!


The Indians keep blocking the access to the Belo Monte dam

Tuesday, 1/8/2013, 21:04:30-updated 1/8/2013, 23:35:35

(Pictured: Thiago Araujo/daily)

The meeting of negotiation among the Indians of the juruna, the Northern Energy company representatives and the National Indian Foundation (Funai) to try to end the blockade of a road for access to the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant, in Southwest Pará, ended without agreement.

The meeting, which lasted about four hours, the main impasse the request made by the Indians of r $ 300 thousand to environmental compensation.

The works in Pimental, one of the plant’s construction sites, remain stalled. However, the Indians released the entry of trucks of food for about a thousand workers who are still housed at the construction site.

The National Security Force reported that there were no incidents and records of violence so far.

This Wednesday (9) at 4:0 pm, the Indians and the Northern Energy representatives are to meet at the point where the road is blocked to try to reach an agreement.

(Antonio Santos/DOL)


2 thoughts on “The Indians keep blocking the access to the Belo Monte dam !!

  1. Please becareful. Around 9 years ago dictator Hugo Chavez did perpetuate genocide in Venezuelan part of the Amazon, he orderer militars to kill many indigenous people who tried to protest agains the electric and gas projects they tried to protect the rainforest with their lives. All the news about the incident was blocked from the internet. Brazil president has the same murderer mentality. If you don’t agree, just calculate what will happen after they build the belo monte dam, this will affect the whole world, and the local people. Brazilian president and all world leaders who could help stop this devilish project don’t care about humanity and our planet, that’s why they don’t stop it.

  2. I am aware ~that is why we share ~ to deter such actions ~ but you also know the big reason is for mining ~ that is why we must continue ~ because the brazil will become a congo ~it must be exposed to all channels to stop belo monte !!

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