~Exhibitions against old Indian Museum tipping happens this Saturday

Exhibitions against old Indian Museum tipping happens this Saturday

Sueli de Freitas-EBC Portal 11.01.2013-7:59 pm | Updated 11.01.2013-8:50 pm

Rio de Janeiro-Pagé Kalapalo, Kunue do Xingu, paints the face of a child in demonstration against demolition (Vladimir Platonow/Apr)

Civil society, artists and other defenders of the indigenous cause made this Saturday (12) from the 6:0 pm, a cultural manifestation in favor of Maracanã, Village in the old Indian Museum, in Rio de Janeiro. The aim of the protest is to give visibility to the movement against the eviction of the Indians occupying the building that is to be demolished by the State Government for the construction of the complex of Maracana Stadium to receive the World Cup 2014.

“It is for the Federal Government to decide what will be done with the Indians who occupied the property illegally. The demolition to make room for the transformation of the complex of Maracana Stadium in a great entertainment area and is required for the future complex meets the needs of flow and movement of public international standards followed by this type of apparatuses, “said the Press Office of the Government of
Rio de Janeiro to EBC.

According to the Advisory, the final design will be on notice with invitation to bid from the complex of Maracana, to be published by the end of January. The winning company will respond for the management, operation, maintenance and readjustment of the area.

“This is an issue that involves all of society. Not only is the overthrow of the Museum that is at stake, but the criminal process for granting of Maracanã by Eike Batista, “says the activist Pedro Rios Lion, who will be the administration of the complex.

The bid for the demolition of the old Indian Museum was held on 20 December. The winning company, Compec buildings and Leases, will receive $ .95 586,058 by the service. The agreement will be signed in the next few days and, thereafter, the deadline for the demolition will be 30 days. The information that the demolition would happen next Sunday (13) was denied by the State Government.


Since the Decade of 1980, the Indian Museum was transferred to the Botafogo neighborhood. The old building is home to indigenous people who defend the on-site construction of a center of tradition. In December, the City Council of Cultural Heritage of Rio was manifested against the demolition claimed the architectural value and stating that there is indication of tipping as heritage. According to the municipal Decree 20,048/2001, the demolition and/or alteration of buildings constructed by the year 1937 (as is the case of the property) will only be authorized after favorable pronouncement of CMPC.

Two public civil actions are in proceedings in court on the initiative of the public defender of the Union (DPU). One of them asks the tipping of the building and the other to guarantee the adverse possession of property for indigenous peoples.


In addition to the old Museum building, the construction of the complex of Maracana also includes the demolition of the Municipal school Friendenreich. At the end of last year, parents of students and activists also demonstrated against the demolition of the educational unit, which won a one-year survival. According to the Government Press Office in Rio, the overthrow of the property will occur after the transfer of pupils to new space, to be held in 2013/2014 school holidays. The subject is treated in partnership by the Government of the State and by the city of Rio de Janeiro.



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