Eviction of the old building of the Indian Museum will be made from this Monday

Eviction of the old building of the Indian Museum will be made from this Monday


Paul Velasquez The Agency’s reporter Brazil

Rio de Janeiro-the eviction of the building of the old Indian Museum, at Maracana Stadium, in Rio, should occur from this Monday (14), so the State Government get a warrant, writ of possession of the area, where since 2006 he lives an indigenous group. On the evening of Saturday (12) shock battalion of military police disbanded the siege that was to the building since the early morning, as preventive action to ensure the eviction, which could only be done with a warrant.

The output of the policemen was celebrated by Indians and activists who accompanied early on-site drive. According to one of the leaders of the indigenous group, Afonso Apurinã, occupants of the former Museum are aware that removal will occur with the arrival of the court order. “But we are willing to hold out until the last moment. We want to defend our culture, “he said.

In a statement released last night (12), the Government reaffirms that the demolition of the building is part of the modernization project of the complex of Maracana, “being important part on the question of mobility”.

Representatives of two government agencies–the State Department of Social Welfare and public works Company (Emop) – were on Saturday, according to the note, “update the contacts with people who are in the building, so that, during the week, to terminate the social register and there is removal of people, and as soon as possible, the demolition of the building”.

According to the Aa Apurinã, the State officials who were yesterday in the so-called “Maracanã” Village gathered data as the identity of the 23 residents, “but at no point said it was for removal”.

Responsible for the modernization of the complex with the 2014 World Cup, the Emop already made the bid for the demolition of the old Museum, budgeted at $ 586 million, but the contract with the winning company has not yet been signed.

Built 147 years, the building housed the headquarters of the Indian Protection Service, predecessor of today’s National Indian Foundation (Funai). From 1953 to 1977, ali ran the Museum, created by the anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro. Since 1978, the Indian Museum is installed in a House at Rua das Palmeiras, in Botafogo, the area south of the River.

Editing: Tereza Barbosa

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Photo: Reivindicação e a recuperação do terreno que abrigou a sede do Museu do Índio em 1953  a 1977, ali funcionou o museu, construído há 147 anos, o prédio abrigou a sede do Serviço de Proteção ao Índio, antecessor da atual Fundação Nacional do Índio (Funai), quando foi criado  pelo antropólogo  Darcy Ribeiro, este antigo prédio desativado do museu do índio no Estado do Rio de Janeiro que esta em ruínas. Que seja tombado e  recuperado. A construção é um patrimônio histórico-cultural com mais de cem anos, que se encontra em risco de ser demolido.<br />Desde 1978, o Museu do Índio está instalado em um casarão na Rua das Palmeiras, em Botafogo, zona sul do Rio.<br />Frase do ancião Crisanto Rudzo Tseremey Wabuá Xavante : “Ninguém respeita aquilo que não conhece. Precisamos mostrar quem somos, a força, a beleza, a riqueza da nossa cultura”.<br />O sonho está vivo... Sonhe conosco... Iporã Eté Aguyjevete!!

~Rita Vieira A’uwê Uptabi Ambientalista ~ photo.


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