Indians ask for help against repossession of Indian Museum

Video~Monica Bello


Saturday January 12 2013–Rio de Janeiro-Brazil.
Batalhao shock PM tries to invade the Indian village cultural centre Maracana.civil resistance kicks in and knocks down the policiarias forces Pacific movement … young people from all 4 corners of the State of Rio de Janeiro appear en masse to protect the cultural heritage of Brazil. the Indians show the path and give the rhythm of resistance in the spiritual strength of his maracas! C the Government not trading signal and is making bullying against ethnic and multi cultural center Village Maracanã!peaceful resistance continues asking for dialogue and peace!

Indians ask for help against repossession of Indian Museum

‘ Is too heavy for us, the few natives who are here, to make this resistance alone ‘, says village leader Maracanã; MPF moves action to avoid demolition of public assets

By: Maurice Thuswohl, Brazil Current Network

Posted in 1/14/2013, 19:18

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Indígenas pedem ajuda contra reintegração de posse do Museu do ÍndioThe village leaders Maracana charge a non-violent negotiation with public authorities (photo: Tania Rego. Agency Brazil)

Rio de Janeiro-tension and solidarity have marked this day (14) in the building of the old Indian Museum, in Rio de Janeiro, where about 300 people-mostly indigenous-live from Saturday (12) with the possibility that the repossession of the land is determined at any time for justice. In a complete state of disrepair for decades and held for seven years by indigenous people of various ethnicities who founded the Village Maracana, the building has great historical value, but, according to the project of reforming the Maracana Stadium for the 2014 World Cup, should be demolished to make way for a shopping mall and a parking lot.

Until the end of the afternoon, the police do not come back to surround the ground to relieve the Village maracana. On Saturday (12), dozens of soldiers of the battalion of Military Police Shock prepared to vacate the premises, but retreated because the Government failed the injunction by repossession as imagined. On the same day, the Public Defender’s Office in Rio de Janeiro, obtained a temporary restraining order that prevents the removal of the inhabitants of the village Maracana, on pain of daily fine, until further notice.

The relief, however, must be the passenger. The State public works Company (Emop), responsible for reforming the Maracana, said that would give entry today in a new repossession request. The bid for the demolition of the Indian Museum, in turn, has already been held in December, with the winner company Compec constructs and Leases, which will receive about $ 500,000 to run the service.

On the other hand, the Republic Regional procuration of the 2nd Region filed lawsuit trying to stop the attitude of the State Government. The attempt is to reverse decisions of the Federal Court in favour of the demolition of the building. In the view of the Federal Public Ministry, is incabível that allow the destruction of a public heritage of inestimable value.

“If the State acting in accordance with the duty to protect the social interest, should consider, in the elaboration of the project, which around Maracanã stadium there is a property whose protection is in the interests of society and that, therefore, cannot be destroyed,” says the Chief Prosecutor in the exercise of PRR2, Newton Penna. “even if a property with this value were an obstacle to the project, should have been considered in the reform plan, a solution to meet the parameters of Fifa. “

Inside the ground, where today lived in an atmosphere of collective effort about 200 Indians and over a hundred students, a few activists of social movements and other supporters, the largest claim now is concrete policy for help: “we are urging all supporters of our cause to come here because it is too heavy for us, the few natives who are heremake this resistance alone. The protection of this heritage, which is of the entire Brazilian people, of humanity, no longer depends only on us, “says José Guajajara, one of the village leaders maracana.

Guajajara complains even the absence of leaders of national organizations representing indigenous peoples, such as the Association of the indigenous peoples in Brazil (Apib) and coordination of Indian Nations of the Brazilian Amazon (Coiab), among other with a capacity of pressure by the Government: “These entities are following the case, know what’s going on. But, should be here with us, “laments.

Other support welcome is the parliamentarians. The state deputies Marcelo Freixo and Cristian Ramirez and Alderman Renato 5, all of the PSOL, already were in the village Maracana since Saturday. Former Deputy federal Fernando Gabeira, PV, promised to spend tomorrow (15) to provide its solidarity with the indigenous peoples.


The natives include the support of a “communications team, formed mostly by young people – some foreigners – literally, willing to put his mouth in the world through blogs and social networks in the event of invasion of the village”: “Indian supporters are ready. We are on legality to defend this heritage that belongs to all of us. We have the support of young journalists with international contacts. We hope to inform and educate as many people, “says Guajajara.

Despite the optimism in respect of support, the climate in the village Maracana is also afraid, especially at night. “The Government has sold it here and buyers want it delivered soon. We are fearing that happens an invasion as in Pine or at Iaserj, where there was an entire police apparatus and cowardly they entered at night. So we’re doing cultural activities in Vigil, “he says.

“It’s very expensive, but we want to put cameras to record any harmful action or action by the State. We want the press and photographers here with us “says Guajajara, adding that indigenous peoples do not seek confrontation. “Our defense strategy will be the MARACA, and we ask the State Governor, Chief of police, who use the same weapons,” he says, while shakes the instrument.

Historical importance

One of the students who are staying in the village Maracana to aid in resistance to repossession, Monica Bello highlights the historical significance of the building, erected in 1865 by the Duke of Saxony, its first owner. Decades later, ali went on to run the Indian Protection Service (SPI), commanded by Marshal Cândido Rondon. In 1953, the anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro was able to realize the dream of ali assemble the first Indian Museum of Latin America. “This building is a symbol of the indigenous Brazilians. Should be valued as such by authorities and reformed and revitalized, rather than demolished. Could be used as tourist attraction during the World Cup, “he says.

Monica remembers that there is even a project to reform the building prepared by Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), but ignored by the Government. She points out the possibilities of any local revitalization, with courses and cultural activities, the construction of an Indian restaurant and a gazebo on the Tower of the building. Another goal is to create on the ground the first Indigenous University of Brazil, which would serve also as a kind of Embassy to the Indians who come to Rio de Janeiro.

Currently, according to José Guajajara, there are 150 indigenous people registered as residents of the village Maracanã and 80 that there are in fact currently. With the threat of repossession and the arrival of indigenous and other students, however, the population in the old Indian Museum has 300 people in these last days: “When threatened to invade on Saturday resisted with 600 people,” calculates the indigenous leader.


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