Indians await Government’s proposal to vacate the old Indian Museum, in Rio

Indians await Government’s proposal to vacate the old Indian Museum, in Rio

January 16, 2013-15:59

The Government must make provision for social rent.

The State Government of Rio must present this Wednesday 16, proposal for eviction of the building of the former Museum of the Indian indigenous Village representatives Maracana, who live on site since 2006.

The Secretary of Social Welfare, Zach Teixeira, prepare a proposal that “respect for the indigenous culture”. He is studying the possibility of granting social rent to families, if you agree with the output.

Federal prosecutors filed in court, on Monday, with a request to prevent the demolition of the old Museum. The Regional Federal Court of the 2nd Region believes the repossession of the site by the State Government. And shall take a decision in the next few hours.

The about 20 Indian families occupying the building adjacent to Maracana advocate having the historic property, but the State Government claims that the demolition of the building will serve to improve the flow of fans who will go to the Stadium during the 2014 World Cup.

The Human Rights Committee of the Bar Association in Rio de Janeiro issued a note condemning the removal of the indigenous. According to the Commission, the building was abandoned by the competent public authorities and introduced till the indigenous community “that has taken over the original vocation of this space for activities and means of support for simultaneous protection of the cultural heritage and for the integrity of indigenous peoples, who are in search of support, but also there live many years ago for this purpose”.

The National Council of indigenous rights also released a document in which advocates the permanence of Indigenous Village maracana. The public defender of the Union of the River reported that, if the Court decides in favor of the demolition of the building, will appeal to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States.

with information from EBC


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