The conflict settles into Indian territory in the State of Maranhão

The conflict settles into Indian territory in the State of Maranhão

January 16, 2013-16:30 

Guajajara Indian is confused with Pukobjê-Hawk and assaulted by loggers.

The assault occurred in retaliation for the seizure of four trucks and a tractor made by Pukobjê Indians-Hawk last Sunday.

The indigenous Frederick Pereira Guajajara, the village Juçaral, Araribóia Indian land, located in the southwest of the State, was attacked by loggers who threatened to set fire to her body.

The climate is te tension and worsened further with the arrival of Federal police agents, Funai and Ibama to remove the trucks and tractor seized by indigenous people.

During the protest of the loggers, a Federal police car was stoned and flat tires. Dozens of loggers are gathered in the courtyard of a gas station at the entrance of the road leading to the village, where the trucks and tractor are seized.

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) was fired. The steps are being taken in order to effect the withdrawal of tractor trucks and that are in the courtyard of the village.

According to the leaders of the people Pukobjê-Hawk, the loggers set fire to tires to prevent the exit of Federal Police officers. Without being able to leave the village, and take the trucks seized, the agents asked for reinforcements.

The Indians fear an invasion in the village Governor by loggers when the Federal Police leave the village.

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Photo: E A IMPRENSA  DO MARANHÃO AMORDAÇADA - A situação é grave na Terra Indígena Governador do povo Gavião. Depois da invasão dos madeireiros neste fim de semana, que espancaram, ameaçaram  e estão causando o maior terror, os indígenas pediram reforço policial. Ontem (15 de janeiro), 10 carros da polícia foram até a aldeia. Houve conflito entre policiais e madeireiros. Os madeireiros além de cortar a energia da aldeia atiraram nos carros dos policiais.  Não se sabe se foi isso que amedrontou a polícia que na madrugada saiu na surdina sem dizer nada pra ninguém. Os indígenas estão desprotegidos com a população de Amarante ameaçando invadir a aldeia, pois como boa parte da sociedade não considera que índio seja gente e ficam totalmente do lado dos bandidos madeireiros. O povo Gavião  aguarda ação da PF, IBAMA e FUNAI. Pior de tudo como sempre é o silêncio conivente da Imprensa.

Pukobjê-Gavião promote action against invasion of their territory

January 15, 2013-15:50
Indigenous leaders arrested trucks and a bulldozer that took wood illegally.


Pukobjê-Gavião, Governor of the Indian territory, located in the southwest of the State of Maranhão, in the municipality of Amarante, arrested on the afternoon of last Sunday, 13, four trucks and a bulldozer that dug illegally timber from their land.

The trucks and tractor were taken to the village and asked organizers to Funai representatives and Federal Police fearing new conflicts with loggers occur that act illegally in the region or a retaliation on the part of the owners of the trucks.

The Indians said they made the decision to hold the trucks because of constant invasions that they suffer, with the removal of the natural resources in their territory.

Historically the region has been the target of conflicts like the one that occurred in 2010, when 40 loggers invaded the village Rubiácea to remove seized on that occasion.

The Indian territory Governor is currently passing through a process of new demarcation.





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