Missing since December in Peru~Artur Paschoali Vieira

January 3  2013
DESAPARECIDO en la sierra peruana en Cusco, cerca de Santa Teresa, Machu Picchu. La última vez que fue visto: 21 de diciembre de 2012. Por favor, si usted tiene cualquier contacto con los medios de comunicación en el Perú, hacerles saber lo que pasó con Artur Paschoali Vieira. Tenemos que ayudar a la búsqueda y los canales de televisión locales, dar más oportunidad de verlo bien y saludable. Tem o… evento, por favor, ajudem a multiplicar. https://www.facebook.com/events/189331817878351/?group_id=0
Para saber mais vá em: https://www.facebook.com/events/189331817878351/?group_id=0 Por favor, se você tem algum contato com mídia no Peru, faça com que saibam o que aconteceu com o Artur Paschoali Vieira. Precisamos de Ajuda para as buscas, e com os canais de TVs locais, damos mais oportunidade para encontra-lo bem, com saúde. Artur tem 19 anos e está desaparecido desde 21 de dezembro, 2012. DEUS esta é a hora de você dar provas da Tua existência. Sim, eu acredito em Ti, por favor, traga o Artur de volta! Que todas as forças de Amor e Saúde protejam o Artur Paschoali Vieira para que esteja bem! Volta pra casa, Artur!
in la sierra peruana en Peru, about Santa Teresa, Machu Picchu. La last time was seen: 21 de diciembre de 2012. Please, si usted tiene cualquier contacto con los medios de comunicación en el Perú, hacerles saber lo que pasó con Artur Paed Vieira. Tenemos la-based inclusive search that y los canales de televisión locales, dar oportunidad de verlo más bien y saludable. Has the event, please help to multiply.
Please, if you have some contact with media in Peru, make sure they know what happened to the Artur Paschoali Vieira. Need help for searches, and with local Tv channels, we give more opportunity to find it as well, with health. Artur has 19 years and has been missing since December 21, 2012.
GOD this is the time for you to give evidence of your existence.
Yes, I believe in You, please bring him back! That all the forces of love and health to protect the Artur Paschoali Vieira to be well! Back home, Arthur!


Mother identifies socks of missing since December in Peru

Clothing fires are found south of the village of Santa Teresa, where the brasiliense Artur Paed was last seen. The family believes he may be on the run

Roberta Daniel

Publication: 1/16/2013 06:01 Update: 1/16/2013 06:58

O jovem de 19 anos desapareceu em 21 de dezembro: mistério (Arquivo Pessoal - 4/1/13)  
The 19-year-old disappeared on December 21: Mystery

Searches by brasiliense 19 years, Artur Paschoali Vieira, missing since December 21 in Santa Teresa, in Peru, gained new clues earlier this week. Remains of the stake, with clothing burned, were found on Monday near a hydropower plant under construction South of the village, on the way to Salkantay. Felipe Paed, Arthur’s brother, said his mother, Suzana, believes that a pair of socks that were on site can be. Other clues, such as a can of sardines, may have been left for him. “People said they saw him with two dogs. He would have bought that sardines to feed them, since he doesn’t eat meat, “said Felipe.
The bonfire was sighted on Sunday by two guides returning of Salkantay. Unable to reach the site, they returned with search teams on Monday morning. In addition to clothes and food, a detail caught the attention of families. “There were two groups of stones stacked thing he did,” said Felipe. According to the brother, in a photo, Arthur appears with stacked stones in the same way. “Also found footprints and a word off by rain, as if finished with a’d ‘ and an ‘ a ‘, type ‘ help ‘” reported.

“Please help us in spreading. The Artur has not yet been found.
We have the multiplication so that as many people as possible can participate in the searches. Even if you don’t know, perhaps you are the channel for that something wonderful happens: you find Artur Paschoali Vieira.
Please multiply.
Family, friends, all who love him, waiting.”~ Carmen Sampaio


One thought on “Missing since December in Peru~Artur Paschoali Vieira

  1. Gratidão pela contribuição de todos que generosa e solidariamente ajudam na divulgação e buscas.
    Vamos Achar o Artur Paschoali!
    Gratidão Jill!

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