Reference centre can become an alternative to eviction of Museu do Índio

Reference centre can become an alternative to eviction of Museu do Índio

The Center would be installed in the vicinity of the maracana sports complex, and the project was delivered to indigenous leaders


Agency Brazil

Publication: 1/16/2013 19:58 Update:

Rio de Janeiro – the proposal of setting up a reference centre of culture of indigenous peoples, to be set, but in the vicinity of the maracana sports complex, and the creation of a State Council for the rights of Indians, was delivered on Wednesday (16) indigenous leaders occupying the building of the old Indian Museum, located in the surroundings of Journalist Mário Filho Stadium, the maracana. They signed the document, but do not have time to respond to the Government.
According to the Secretary of Social Welfare, Zach Teixeira, who has been busy building and personally talked to the leaders, they asked that the Government prepare a written proposal.
“They told us right away that would not accept social rental, and then discuss what they were asking. While maintenance of indigenous culture, we build a proposal that is creating a centre of reference of the culture of indigenous peoples, where they can organize, sell your crafts and work for the strengthening of indigenous culture and everything that refers to the cultural aspect, “he said.
The reference centre should be purpose-among other things-the promotion of studies and research on Brazilian indigenous cultures, promotion of culture, rescue and environmental protection and marketing of handicrafts and indigenous art.
The Council to be created, according to the Secretary, will have the role of monitoring the functioning of the reference center and will act as a consultative body of the State in the formulation of policies for the protection and promotion of indigenous rights.
The Secretariat shall have the responsibility to provide all necessary assistance soon after the evacuation of the building, including offering transportation to return to the villages of origin of the Indians or abrigamento in State equipment.

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