~Indian Museum to be RESTORED!!

1/28/2013 07:06 pm -updated 1/28/2013 07:06 pm

Rio decides to topple Indian Museum, but indigenous destination is uncertain

The Government maintains the decision to evict the Indians who live in the village Maracana in Rio, to reform the place.

museum indian brazil

The Government of Rio de Janeiro announced on Monday that will topple the Indian Museum, at the Maracanã, target area of dispute between indigenous people occupying the place and those responsible for the reform project of the surroundings of the stadium of the same name for the 2014 World Cup.

Still, it remains uncertain the fate of Indian families who live there, since the Museum will be, according to the Government, ‘ unoccupied ‘ for that space can be reformed – the eviction is rejected by the Indians.

‘ The State heard the company’s considerations regarding the historical building, dating from 1862, dispersion studies examined the stadium and concluded that it is possible to keep the building at location ‘, says note disclosed by the State Government.

The Museum, which belongs to the Government, is closed for six years, during which time the site was occupied by tribes of diverse ethnicities that have created the so-called ‘ Village Maracana ‘.

The area, in the northern zone of Rio, was going to be demolished as part of the modernisation of the arena to the football event. Now, the Government recoils from the decision, but maintains the intention of vacating the site.

‘ The Governor Sérgio Cabral and Mayor Eduardo Paes will now take the initiative to make the listing of the property ‘, says the official report. ‘ The Government is taking the necessary steps in order for the site to be vacated of its invaders. ‘

‘ Non-Negotiable ‘

The State Secretariat for Social Assistance reported to BBC Brazil that the proposal made to the Indians is to create a Council of indigenous culture and a centre of reference for current residents of Village maracana. Until these spaces would be ready, the Indians morariam in temporary shelters.

The federal public defender Daniel Macedo said it took the statement to the Indians, but they reject to abandon the site and have legal support for this.

‘ Is non-negotiable, “says Macedo BBC Brazil. ‘ The building is a repository of memories. No trust (in the Government), they can go back on tipping. And the Indians are not invaders, as says the statement. By prolonged possession (since 2006), they acquired the adverse possession (right of possession of the property). ‘

He stressed, however, that it is discussing with the Indians-he estimates that about 65 occupy the village-the proposal of setting up a centre of reference for Social Assistance.

What now is not accepted, he said, is the proposed lead the Indians to a shelter housing stock and pay them. ‘ This is incompatible (with your lifestyle), is shot in the head of the Indian, who has an intrinsic relationship with the Earth ‘, says M. ‘ This desagregaria families and friends. ‘

To be discussed

With regard to tipping, the restoration of the building of the Indian Museum will be borne by the dealer bidding winner of the complex of Maracana, whose announcement will come out in February, says the official Government note.

And the fate of the site after this process ‘ will be discussed between the State Government and the city of Rio de Janeiro ‘.

Last week, the BBC reported that Brazil’s technical organs of the three levels of Government (federal, State and municipal) linked to the preservation of public assets had expressed objections to scrapping, defending the tipping of the Indian Museum.

Last Wednesday, note on the website of the Ministry of culture reported that Minister Marta Suplicy also expressed support for the preservation of the site, following recommendation by the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (Iphan).



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