” We’re not going to send the children out of the village”

Photo: "Não vamos mandar as crianças para fora da aldeia" Sem escola há três anos, mães de Kurusu Ambá exigem que prefeitura garanta a abertura de 46 vagas no ensino fundamental para 2012. Leia reportagem completa em http://campanhaguarani.org/?p=1187
foto~ Campanha Guarani

” We’re not going to send the children out of the village”

Without the school three years ago, mothers of Kurusu Ambá require that City Hall guarantees the opening of 46 seats in elementary school for 2012.

Ruy Sposati, Tacuru (MS) to the Ccme

Without the school three years ago, mothers of the tekoha-“the place where one is” in guarani-Kurusu Ambá require that City Hall guarantees the opening of 46 seats in elementary school to the beginning of the school year of 2012.

In 2010, all the children were deprecated in school for lack of school transportation (Ruy Sposati/Ccme)

In 2009, the village lies in the municipality of Coronel Sapucaia, on the border of Mato Grosso do Sul with Paraguay, where live about 130 natives Kaiowá in two hectares of land.

“We even built the space to be the school of Brazil. We want school here in the village, not outside, “explains mothers. “Last year we built this, and has been on Federal prosecutors to get the school to work”. According to the mothers, after having been informed of the possibility of complaint to turn an action, the municipality would have proposed to the community of students to continue studying for another two months outside the village, until the school was running Ambá Kurusu.

The proposal was not accepted by the Kaiowá. “We’re not going to send more children to school just outside the village,” he explains. “We think that they want to fool with it. They say it’s only two months but after it all year, and the problems will continue. ” According to the mothers, the difficulties of education outside the tekoha does not outweigh the offsets.

“The child suffers a lot in winter, without warm clothes, with hunger, are far from home, are discriminated against … With the school in the village, mothers may take better care. It is much better. We have our House of prayer, and so with the school by children know the culture, the way of living. We want the school to work there, run it all together with the village, “they claim mothers.

Since the Kaiowá reoccupied part of their traditional territory, the children of the community to study the 20 km, in the village Jaguapiré.

“It makes three years students study out. And makes three years that children carry prejudice, “reports Ismarth Martins, leadership of Kurusu Ambá. “In 2010, the students lost four months of classroom because the city had no more buses. At that time, justified that were afraid of gunman, that motorists were afraid … And then 100% of students repeated. Nobody passed “. In 2011 and 2012, according to Ismarth, the problems persisted, and also the Deprecations. “Sometimes it rains a day, two, and already is reason to the school bus stop a week. So had many student fail because of fouls, missing in the proof “.

“We have two teachers in the community. The city needs to hire them, and two monitors, lunch box and the delivery of school supplies. If not is meet, let’s come with action, “he says.

Classes begin February 14 day. Ismarth and mothers believe that they will start the school year with the classroom in the village.

“We’re putting wooden wall now, to be ready by then. But we’re not going to send more young child back there. We decided and it’s decided, ” they conclude.



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