In a letter, the Indians say they will resist the expropriation from the Museum in Rio

1/29/2013 8:54 pm -updated 1/29/2013 8:55 pm

In a letter, the Indians say they will resist the expropriation from the Museum in Rio

Sérgio Cabral announced on Monday that the building will be renovated. Village Maracana made invitation to meet the local Governor. 

The G1 River

The public defender of the Union in Rio de Janeiro (PUD/RJ), representative of the Maracanã, a Village on Tuesday (29), through a letter, to which the Governor Sérgio Cabral meet the old building of the Indian Museum, and warned that it will come out of there. On Monday (28), the Governor announced that the House, which is next to Maracanã Stadium, will not be demolished, but tumbled and reformed after the Indians left the site.

In an excerpt of the letter the Indians say: “Mr Governor, we have to say that we will leave the Indian Museum. We will negotiate anything, less so. It’s not enough to send police and riot gear. Because already face violence from farmers, bandeirantes, militia and military. We lost many fights, we recognize, but we won the other, in sacrifice, in intelligence, in peace. So we are alive. “

The State Government of Rio has delayed the publication of the notice with invitation to bid for award of Maracanã, which was planned for December 2012. The term is now February this year. The company that won the bidding from maracana Stadium, which will now be in February, will be responsible for reform of the building.

Representantes do Crea e da Defensoria Pública da União fizeram uma vistoria no prédio do antigo Museu do Índio zona norte do RJ, para avaliar as condições estruturais do imóvel. A construção está ameaçada de demolição para obras de reurbanização.  (Foto: Tânia Rêgo/ABr)
Building is abandoned and in bad condition (photo: Tania Rego/Apr)

Injunction stops demolition

On Saturday, the Court granted an injunction that prevented the demolition of the building. According to Justice, the injunctions had been granted for the first instance of the Federal Court at the request of public defender of the Union (DPU), which filed two civil lawsuits. According to the lawsuit, on the grounds of the former Museum would live Indians of different ethnicities.

The Museum worked in 1910 until 1978. The building, which occupies area of about 1600 m², is off for 34 years. The State Government plans to use the area to meet the requirements of the International Football Federation (FIFA) concerning the adequacy of the maracana Stadium to host the games in the Confederations Cup in 2013, and the World Cup in 2014.


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