Norte Energia breaks again according to Indians and MPF asks millionaire fine

Norte Energia breaks again according to Indians and MPF asks millionaire fine

If Justice decides in respect of the implementation of the agreement, fine imedata can be of r $ 2 million per day of delay

Photo: Foto: Xingu Vivo Ocupação dos canteiros de Belo Monte por índios em outubro de 2012 Se Justiça decidir pela execução imedata do acordo, multa pode ser de R$ 2 milhões por dia de atraso O Ministério Público Federal pediu à Justiça Federal que execute com urgência o acordo extrajudicial assinado pela Norte Energia S.A com os índios que ocuparam os canteiros de obras de Belo Monte. Eles reinvindicavam que a empresa cumprisse as condições socioambientais da licença da usina e aceitaram sair dos canteiros depois que a empresa assinou acordo, em 17 de outubro de 2012, durante audiência de conciliação ordenada pela Justiça. Leia mais:

1/31/2013 to 01:06 pm
The Federal prosecutors asked the Federal Court to execute with urgency the settlement signed by Norte Energia s.a with the Indians who occupied the construction of Belo Monte. They reinvindicavam that the company fulfilled the social and environmental conditions of the license of the plant and accepted out of construction sites after the company signed the agreement in October 17, 2012, during the conciliation hearing ordered by the Justice.
Norte Energia bought time to take a series of measures that were already delayed.
By December 2012, 

North Energy should have delivered seven territorial protection units in indigenous areas. 

Until November 2012 should have started the program of productive activities, to generate income for the communities and received the indigenous leaders on visits to construction sites. All deadlines ended up once more and essential points were descumpridos.

The MPF is calling for Justice in Altamira run the agreement, what it means to compel the company to immediately comply with what was agreed under threat of a penalty. Public prosecutors Thais Santi, Meliza Barbosa and Ubiratan Cazetta asked that the company be fined $ 2 million for each day of delay in complying with the clauses of the agreement. The breach was reported by the Indians themselves.

Because of the work of Belo Monte, indigenous communities are without alternative survival and threatened by land conflicts and environmental crimes. As the responsible for the project does not meet the conditions of the environmental permit or the agreements made with the Indians, new conflicts are imminent.

“The attitude of ignoring the agreement signed with the Indians is an incentive to new conflicts and certainly complicates any new negotiations, which may result in new application designed to legitimize the use of violence against indigenous people, bordering and those planning to protest against the non-compliance with the deadlines and obligations, at hypothesis, not managed satisfactorily, may result in a widespread conflict such is the dissatisfaction of affected by hydroelectric, ” say prosecutors who follow the case.

“It is recalled that the agreement is executed in these proceedings is being disobeyed, even after found that the Indians effectively fulfilled the part to which they had been imposed, with the eviction of the construction site, in another vote of confidence to a company which, notoriously, has been breaking its obligations to mitigate the impacts of Belo Monte’s work”,  says the request from MPF.

The request for execution of the agreement between the North and the Indians should be judged by the Federal Court of Altamira.
Case # 96-24.2013.4.01.3903
Monitoring procedure
Full request from MPF

Federal prosecutors in Pará Communication advice (91) 3299-3299/0148-0177


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