Mining in the Amazon has suspended activities by determination of the Federal Court



Mining in the Amazon has suspended activities by determination of the Federal Court

Francisco Assis Moreira da Silva, the “Zezão do Abacaxi”, is appointed as responsible for exploring illegally for more than 30 years, the gold mine located in Maués
Manaus, February 1, 2013
Activities in the mining district South of Maués are suspended by determination of the Federal Court (Clóvis Martins-01.2007)
At the request of Federal prosecutors in the Amazon (MPF/AM), the Federal Court determined, on a preliminary injunction, the suspension of any research activity or mineral extraction of gold in the area of mining Rosa de Maio, located south of the municipality of Maués-260 kilometers from Manaus, on the River Parauari.
The daily fine in case of non-compliance was set at $ 5,000.
The decision was a public civil action filed by MPF/AM in August 2012, against the gold miner Francisco Assis Moreira da Silva, known as “Zezão do Abacaxi”, for causing environmental damage resulting from the illegal exploitation of gold ore extraction, since the 70, mining Rosa de Maio.
CRC companies of Brazil Mineração Ltda. and Maués Mineração Ltda. are also targets of the action.
According to the investigations, it was proven that the two companies also benefited from the mineral research and the illegal exploitation of gold in Rosa de Maio mining for over ten years and, therefore, are also considered for MPF/AM responsible for environmental damage caused by the activity in the basin of the Parauari River.
In the end, the MPF requests/AM requires condemnation of processed to recovery and compensation for the environmental damage produced by mineral exploration at the site. The action also requires that the prospectors and mining companies return to the patrimony of the Union, in value to be determined by the National Department of Mineral production (DNPM) and restated, the corresponding to the extraction of gold held in the area.
The public civil action follows in processing in the 7th Federal Court in Amazonas State, under paragraph 13609-68.2012.4.01.3200.
Historical mining
The mining Rosa de Maio was identified by the technical-scientific sector of the Federal Police (PF) in the Amazon, in 2009, as one of two miners who were still in operation in the region.
In all, were given five mining fronts of ores in the area of mining. Visible environmental damage such as deforestation of vegetation in permanent preservation area in the margins of rivers and around springs and silting of streams among others.
During the visit to the site of mining, in 2009, the Federal Police found that the mining Rosa de Maio belonged to Francisco Assis, known as “Zezão”, a resident of the town of Itaituba, Pará, and that the mining began around 1975.
At the height of its activities, according to reports collected by the PF, the area came to gather 200 miners and nine machines. In the era of démarches undertaken by PF, informed production was 1.5 pounds of gold per month, of which 70% was for the owner of mining and 30% for the miners.
At the conclusion of the technical report, PF experts confirmed the existence of gold in mineral extraction mining rose of May and found that the degraded area by the activity over the past 50 years was about 1,065 acres.
The actual rendered Francisco Assis Moreira arrived to admit being responsible for mineral extraction in mining Rosa de Maio for approximately 30 years, in interrogation conducted at the police station of Itaituba, as part of an investigation by Federal Police.
Based on the investigations, he was indicted criminally by MPF/AM in June this year for crimes against property, by usurpation of the Union’s assets without legal authorization.
The criminal action clears the 7th Federal Court of Amazonas, under no. 10744-72.2012.4.01.3200.
In a report published by the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper, dated 24 November 1991, Francisco Assis Moreira da Silva, the “Zezão do Abacaxi”, was named as the gold miner, Brazil’s richest with a fortune valued at the time at $ 20 million, which he managed personally and without the mediation of the banks.
The report also claims that the production of the Rosa de Maio– that he would have bought the first owner by 20 kilos of gold, reached 110 pounds of gold per month.

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