First Indigenous Doctor Josinaldo da Silva

UnB diploma first indigenous doctor in the history of the University

Indian, Northeast and poor, he considers himself more than winner


From R7, with TV Record | 2/5/2013 to 09:20

Reproduction/TV Record


Josinaldo da Silva faced prejudice, but after seven years of battle, is proud to say that also is doctor



The UnB (University of Brasilia) received the first Indian origin of their medical history. Indian, poor and, as he himself defined, Josinaldo da Silva, 35, faced prejudice, ugly face of colleagues, but after seven years of battle, is proud to say that it is also a doctor. Of white lab coat, he makes a point to remember that is the first indigenous doctor graduated in 85 classes of Medicine of UnB.
— I am touched very with this achievement, but I think much more my people with this victory.
In 12 semesters of the course, the Indian physician was gaining respect. Even with lack of money, didn’t give up. Often, enlisted the help of friends to buy equipment, such as a stethoscope. Formed, is a hope for his people of ethnicity Atikum, and to other indigenous to the region.
— Very proud of the fight we faced to get here. Today I look back and think that nothing was in vain.
Get UnB wasn’t easy. Josinaldo da Silva traveled more than 1,800 kilometers on a pilgrimage. Willow in Pernambuco, homeland, he caught a bus to Recife, where he made the entrance exam for the University of Brasilia. From there, had to add money to come by plane to Brasilia. In the federal capital, the Indians still had the help of known to get hosting.
 After so many years, the family came to celebrate the achievement. To receive the diploma, the doctor also won a gift: a headdress made by Shaman, a kind of recognition for all the effort.
— Only the witch doctor uses this headdress. Then he spent the headdress for me on the day of graduation as a symbol of authority. So I didn’t get just a diploma, I was consecrated by medicine man of my tribe.
Josinaldo da Silva entered history at the University of Brasilia for two reasons. In addition to being the first Indian to graduate in medicine, he also opened the door to a lot of people who have the same dream he. After joining deleno, ten other people from different indigenous peoples of Brazil managed to pass the same exams.
With a future ahead of him, the doctor knows that work goes missing. The goal is to be the doctor of the family health program.
— My desire is to continue studying for another two or three years and then go back to my community. Want to give assistance to my people that since I left is seven years ago, with no doctor.

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