Guarani-Kaiowá Tekoha Kue Pyelito/Mbarakay today, 2/10/2013, to 10:00 was attacked by gunmen of the farms

By racismoambiental, 2/10/2013 15:32



Us Council of Aty Guasu Guarani Kaiowá and received the urgent communication of leaders of Pyelito kue/Mbarakay, municipality of Iguatemi, MS. Guarani Kaiowá leaders communicate that today 2/10/2013 to 10:0, a pickup truck dark glass with black and 4 armed men entered the farm Cambara and arrived at our campsite Pyelito kue.

The two men were on top of the body, pointing the guns towards the children and women who were picking up water mine water.

Before the shouting and crying women and children, we joined several men and we were also in the direction of the truck and tried to surround the truck, but the truck turned at high speed and returned to the headquarters of farm Cambará.

“The threat of collective death returned to happen today,” said leadership by cell phone. According to the leader, the fact has already been communicated to federal authorities team (FUNAI, PF, FN) that are in the MS 150 City Amambai-km Pyelito kue/Mbarakay-Iguatemi-MS.

“We are isolated and threatened, so we expect FUNAI team, PF and National Strength,” chronicled the leadership of Pyelito kue/Mbarakay.

“We are isolated here, we know that security of FN, PF and neither FUNAI do not enter the farm Cambara, so we’re afraid the gunmen of the farms able to attack us again yes”.

Indigenous leader also said: “this black pickup truck ended up at the headquarters of the farm, if the gunmen or gunmen return to attack us, we will not run no!”

The leaders and the Guarani Kaiowá and communities threatened with Pyelito kue/Mbarakay asked for in we go through these facts occurred at all federal authorities and societies of Brazil and the world, therefore, we of the Council of the spokesman of the Aty Guasu, sent the message of concern and Guarani Kaiowá community of Pyelito kue/Mbarakay.

It was very evident that the farmers of the farms of the region of Iguatemi-MS does not have to enter the federal government officials in Pyelito kue, but the gunmen armed farmers allow to enter the Pyelito kue in these days of Carnival holidays, taking advantage of the long holidays.

Finally, as a matter of urgency, we ask for the presence of federal authorities at Camp kue Pyelito/Mbarkay to take the appropriate action.

Best regards

The Tekoha Guasu Pyelito kue/Mbarakay, February 10, 2013. Commission of Aty Guasu Guarani Kaiowá and against genocide


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