Justice of Bahia grant repossession the STF’s decision about disregarding farmers territory Pataxó Hã-Hã-Hãe

Justice of Bahia grant repossession the STF’s decision about disregarding farmers territory Pataxó Hã-Hã-Hãe


Cacique Babau celebrating the victory that injustice now tries to compromise

Posted by Afolabi Vishnumalviya in Personal Writer

“Today 07 February at around 10:00 in the morning, the Federal Police fulfilled repossession injunction in favour of farmers within the indigenous land Caramuru Padwal. The area, formerly known as farm Camacan, is located in the region of Rio Pardo, where farmers had the highest concentrations of land within the indigenous reserve. We fear that this action will we play in life-threatening situation and social stability. After the judgement in favour of us Indians by the Supreme Court, Justice grant depreciation of the farmers is hurt our constitutional rights has fully recognised.

The whole region of the Pardo River is inhabited by Indians, many have built houses, others are doing their, we have economic system being implemented, we believe our survival on this. Now we will get insecure with our land being given back to people who have usurped our right on our lands for so many years? We do not understand how such a situation may be occurring even after the Supreme Court judgment recognising data lands titles null illegally to these same farmers. The Justice granted favorable repossession to a farmer, obviously others will also want to have that same “right” and, from what we know, many are already with the processes in progress. What will be the end of it? We withdraw from our lands, even those already being recognized and having an understanding of the Supreme Court that no one can have in addition to us natives? The speeches by the Ministers of the Supreme were very clear in this respect during the trial.

We need to reverse this situation, we can no longer expect larger woes than occur in the more than 30 occurred in the years of waiting for this trial. During this period, our people suffered physical, cultural and social injuries, making us even target killings due to the forced contact and conflict with India not society, precisely because our lands in having been subtracted. The continuity of any instability in regard to our indigenous ownership will be as severe as the perpetuation of an unacceptable ethnocide “.

Note this Blog: The above was posted by Olinda Muniz W ANAIND’s network and shared by Samuel W, via Afolabi Vishnumalviya, with the commentary and video below:

“The city of Pau Brazil (nearby the reserve) is already with the presence of federal police fulfilling mandate of repossession within you. I am not on site, but I follow the situation closely via phone and internet. It is not possible that after so much work and destruction of lives we have new setbacks in this situation! Where is the respect for the decision of the SUPREME COURT?! Will ignore the trial that took place less than a year ago? “

On the following video, Samuel W explained that this is the “production trailer made for less than a year and that we will remember the last moments of that, we thought, was the solution of a conflict of decades! I hope not be perpetuated the ethnocide Pataxó Hãhãhãe, it is attested from a country with no serious! “

JE SUIS L ‘ ENGRAIS DE MA TERRE, 8 ‘ trailer VOST from Luis Martinez on Vimeo.



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