Terena Indians suffer attack from farmers in Mato Grosso do Sul

Terena Indians suffer attack from farmers in Mato Grosso do Sul

February 8, 2013-16:45
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The attacks occurred on Thursday morning.

The approximately 250 families who reoccupied the 300 acres of land in the town of Dois Irmãos do Buriti, in Mato Grosso do Sul, have suffered attack by gunmen and farmers on Thursday morning, 7.

According to the indigenous leaders that are in place, farmers were at the camping site of Terena and fired shots to the high and intention that the natives leave the area of the farm.

After they occupied the farm leaders guided the owner to withdraw everything they wanted from the area that, according to information of the indigenous, is abandoned.

The Funai agents and Federal Police are in place.

In 2009, the Terena had already tried to resume the farm. After they camped for just over a month, in November 2009, were violently removed by farmers, local officials and military police shock Troops, which, according to reports gathered by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), acted without a court order for repossession.

The land, currently occupied by St Joseph Querencia Farm is part of the more than 17 thousand hectares of the territory identified in 2001 by Funai and declared by the Ministry of Justice in 2010 as the land traditionally occupied by Terena.

Currently, about 5 thousand Terena live on little more than 2 thousand hectares of land, divided into nine villages. The remaining areas are still in the hands of farmers.

with Writing, information of the MPF-MS and Ccme.



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