A teenager is rescued from brothel in Belo Monte


A teenager is rescued from brothel in Belo Monte

16 years old girl runs away from the nightclub where police found 15 women at a private jail and slavery. Case can be characterized as human trafficking *

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The Civil Police of Altamira, Pará, found 14 women and a transvestite in bondage and private jail in a house located in a neighbouring area of the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant. The operation was conducted late on Wednesday, 13, after reports of a 16-year-old girl, who managed to escape. The teenager sought the counsel of protection Council, Lucenilda Lima, that triggered the police.

Bruno Carachesti/Diário do Pará

According to the delegate Rodrigo Spessato, who commanded the operation, women, between the ages of 18 and 20 years old – in addition to young, 16, all from the States of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul – were confined in small windowless rooms and no ventilation, with only a double bed, and had padlocks on the outside of the doors. In testimony to the delegate, the victims stated that they could go to the city of Altamira once a week, for an hour, but they were supervised by officials of the nightclub.

Besides the situation of private prison, police found a notebook where they were noted debts of girls, as spending on tickets, food and clothing, as well as “fines” for various reasons.

Death threat
After the action, the civil guard rescued, in addition to the teenager, four girls and a transvestite. According to Lucenilda, the protection Council, the other said to have much fear of retaliation, since the owner of the nightclub would have threatened their families who live in the South. In an interview with report, one of the young rescued told that as soon as the teenager of 16 years managed to escape, the Manager followed her with a gun.

“He came out behind her and said that he was killing a, that no one would know,” said the girl, who has 18 years. Resident in Joaçaba, Santa Catarina, it tells that there worked in a nightclub whose pimmelfotzen was “partner” of the owner of the nightclub in Pará. “We came in nine births there. They talked to the people who would work on Belo Monte, we would win up to r $ 14 thousand per month, but when we arrived it wasn’t anything like that, “he says.

“Now we face a debt of r $ 13 million due to the passages [charge of Group]. Then we have to buy clothes, each dress is almost $ 200, and everything is annotated in the notebook to us go paying the debt. And also has fine, anything we do takes fine, which is also noted on the notebook. After each customer, we gave the money to the owner of the nightclub to pay our debts, I never won any money for me, “says the girl.

On the conditions to which they were subjected in the nightclub, she says she lived with three other girls in a small room very hot, and it really didn’t have permission to leave the site. “They were calling the air conditioning only for an hour. We had to work 12:0 am a day; When I was the customer, had to meet, “he says.

“Food, had lunch and dinner. If you were working at lunch, had to wait for dinner. If this very hungry, we had to buy a snack. Nightclub Manager said we could only go out after paying all debts, and that neither was useless to complain because no one was going to help us, he was a friend of Justice and nobody was going to do anything against him. But he said that if the people speak, they went behind our children and relatives there in the South. “

Belo Monte
About customers, she says that were exclusively Belo Monte workers. “They were labourers, were managers, everything. Everyone who works in the yard at the nightclub, “he explained.

The delegate Rodrigo Spessato says not knowing if the brothel is inside or outside the boundaries of the construction site. The Secretary Lucenilda File reports, however, that to reach the nightclub had to cross the construction site Pimental, a major power plant. “It was a red tape at the entrance to the us can pass. And there even every hour transporting cars and tractors of Belo Monte, so I consider that the nightclub is in the area of the power plant “.

In action, the civil police made the arrest of two employees of the nightclub, but didn’t find it. According to Spessato, in addition to sexual exploitation of a minor, private jail and slavery, the case can be characterized as trafficking in persons, and those responsible for the brothel, prosecuted for these crimes.

As the construction site Pimental is in the municipality of Vitória do Xingu, the case is being discharged by the city police. The local delegate came to Altamira on Thursday morning to take the testimony of the victims and of the two officials arrested, and a new action will return to the nightclub later this afternoon, to close the establishment and rescue 1 women who remained on site.

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