Movements perform public act to denounce rights abuses in Belo Monte

Públicopara Act perform movements denounce human rights violations in Belo Monte

2/19/2013 22:48

Movements perform public act to denounce rights abuses in Belo Monte

Tatiana féix/Adital


On the morning of the next Thursday (21) the movements, organizations and social activists, led by the Sociedade Para of Defense of human rights (SDDH) and of the Committee on Metropolitan Xingu Vivo perform a demonstration public and peacefully in front of the headquarters of the Consortium constructor Belo Monte (CCBM) in Belém (Pará), to repudiate the neglect of the rulers and authorities with numerous violations that occurred in the plant’s construction, in the Xingu Riverin Altamira/Para.

In Addition To of the various charges of impacts environmental and socialdue the working environment and people the region, a case of trafficking in persons with the purpose of sexual exploitation by a teenager reported last week, still angered the movements and activists. The case was discovered in the plant’s construction, a nightclub that was keeping women and girls into slavery, to sexually serve the construction workers.

“The recent discovery of a network of trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation exposes one of the most harmful aspects of large projects which saqueam the capabilities of natural Amazon: the weakening of human beings and its transformation into a commodity. Again, the social movements will  take to the streets to denounce the beautiful Monster (belo monte), require the immediate project’s insane and destructive “, is expressed in the communiqué of the organizations.

The President Para society rights Humans (SDDH), Marco Apolo Santana Leão, explained that “the aim of the public act is to express the indignation para society and social movements to facts that occur in Pará. Several institutions and experts have warnedthe Federal Government on the impacts and social environmental construction of Belo Monte would bring to Altamira, but still, the Government insisted on building “.

According to him, the use of drugs and violence “increase”, in Altamira and now the reporting of cases of trafficking in human beings consolidated within the works, apart from dozens of lawsuits against the project of Belo Monte, reveal a State of “chaos ” in the region.

Santana pointed out that the purpose of the action is denounce and impugn the Government actions Federal, which sent a delegation of the Human Rights Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic (SDH/ PR) to the Stop, to try to ‘mediate ‘ and ‘resolve a situation created by the Government.”

“We do not want the Government to go there to try to resolve the situation. We demand an investigation by the Council of Defesados Rights of the human person (CDDPH) of SDH/PR and we will report the case to the National Council of human rights of children and Adolescents (Conanda) movements of women, UN (United Nations) and OAS (the Organization of EstadosAmericanos, “warned Marco Santana, outraged by the situation of total violation of human direitios. He reported that during the Act, a Commission will deliver a petition to the Prosecutor’s Office.


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