MPF/MS asks presence of police force in the village of Caarapó

MPF/MS asks presence of police force in the village of Caarapó



Land resumption earlier this week suffered attack by gunmen this morning. The area was the scene of murder self-confessed indigenous teen by farmer in the region


The Federal Prosecutor in Mato Grosso do Sul (MPF/MS) filed, on Friday, February 22, lawsuit for which the Union forward police forces for the indigenous land Tey ‘ ikue, in Caarapó, South of the State. With the measure, the MPF/DM wants to preserve the physical integrity of the community, which this morning suffered attack by armed men.
According to the natives, a group of 12 gunmen approached the gate of the farm and made shots from a firearm, fleeing by kills shortly thereafter. The action, which took place at around 10:30 this Friday, did not result in injuries but brought climate of insecurity to the region.
The night before the shooting, leaders reported the presence of trucks prowling the Fazenda Santa Helena, where is situated the camping of the guarani-kaiowá. Indians were approached by a group of men who sought information on the leaders of the occupation.
Indian teen-DeathThe resumption of Fazenda Santa Helena happened on Monday, after the killing of a teenager. The young man, who had gone fishing with two friends in stream located inside the farm, was found dead in the road neighborhood last Sunday, February 16. In testimony to the Civil Police, the owner of St. Helena would have confessed the authorship of the crime.
With the release of the body by the Forensic Medicine Institute, comunidade Tey ‘ ikue decided to bury the adoslescente on the site of the murder-the Earth is regarded by the Indians as their ancestors. After the burial, the natives reoccupied the farm. Currently there are about 500 Indians camped around the headquarters of Fazenda Santa Helena.
Communication advice Federal prosecutors in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul (67) 3312-7265/9297-1903 (67) 3312-7283/9142-3976


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