Munduruku indigenous leaders criticize construction of power plant

Munduruku indigenous leaders criticize construction of power plant

indigenous leaders from Brazil, come to Brasilia to present claims.
Valdenir Munduruku
criticizes the construction of the plant in the Rio Tapajós and the
disrespect to indigenous rights.~~


One thought on “Munduruku indigenous leaders criticize construction of power plant

  1. 2/22/2013 6:57 pm -updated 2/22/2013 6:57 pm

    Indians ask Boden to suspend studies of plants in the Tapajos

    OnLine Valor

    In a closed meeting held yesterday, the Minister of mines and energy (MME), Edison Lobão, Indian leaders received Mundurukus, who want the suspension of feasibility studies for the construction of two power plants on the River Tapajós, Pará. During the meeting, Boden was firm in defence of projects.

    The Minister told the Indians that the Government won’t open hands of two plants and that they needed to understand the need of projects for the country. Valter Cardeal, Director of Eletrobras who participated in the meeting, also joined in the discussion and tried to convince the Indians that the projects are viable. There was no understanding. The Indians left the room.

    ” Our people don’t want compensation, nor do we want the money from the power plant. Our people want the River as it is. let’s not allow power plants or even that studies be made. Let’s unite our people and we are going to face. The Tapajós will not suffer as it suffers today the Xingu, said the Chief

    , leader of the villages that make up about 8 thousand Indians Mundurukus Tapajós region.

    A second meeting was done with the Secretary General of the Presidency, Minister Gilberto Carvalho, but there was no breakthrough. The Indians refused to sign a document that contained commitments made by the Government, on the understanding that it was a consultation already tied to the licensing of power plants.

    At the meeting with the Indians, Carvalho signed a letter that cobra agility in the investigation of the death of Myron Munduruku, Kirixi Indian killed with three shots last year, Teles Pires River, located in the North of Mato Grosso and that form the Tapajós, at the confluence with the Juruena River.

    In the balance sheet of the growth acceleration program (PAC2) released today, the schedule of São Luiz and Jatoba, the two hydroelectric megaprojects of the Tapajós, establishes the month of September as deadline for completion of environmental impact studies of the plants.

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