Agent hired by Consórcio Construtor Belo Monte~MPF investigates espionage scheme

 MPF will investigate reports of spying against the Belo Monte dam Builder Consortium


The Xingu Vivo Movement forever sent representation asking for elucidation of the facts

2/25/2013 to 6:32 pm The Federal Public Ministry today received a representation of the Xingu Vivo Movement forever informing the discovery of an agent hired by Consórcio Construtor Belo Monte that was infiltrated in the movement, recording meetings, photographing people and passing on information to the company. The representation has given rise to a procedure of investigation that will be conducted by the MPF unit in Altamira.
The discovery was made during movement planning meeting in Altamira, last weekend, when the official recording, with a spy pen, everything that was in the enclosure. According to the representation, signed by the lawyer of the Xingu Vivo, Marco Apollo Santana lion and by the leadership of the movement Antonia Mapes, once caught, the employee had to record a video testimonial about the nature of his work for the Belo Monte hydroelectric Consortium.
“In a stunning report revealed an espionage scheme which is unbelievable in the democratic State of law”, says the request for investigation. He said he had been contacted by the Consortium’s security team with a proposal to receive $ 3,000 a month to pass on information about the Xingu Alive. Negotiated and agreed to make spying by R $ 5 thousand.
He said he was unemployed, had never seen so much money and so accepted the proposal. One of the main targets would be Antonia Melo, one of the coordinators of the Xingu forever Alive and whom he knows personally since childhood, being old dweller of Altamira. According to the evidence on video, he repassaria all discovered to the Consortium but, in the next few days, a person of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin) would go to Altamira for information.
Also according to the recorded testimony, was expected of the employee that espionasse workers in the construction of Belo Monte, to discover and to point out possible leaders who seek improvements for workers. Stayed in the accommodation of workers, has made the mapping of leaders, informed the consortium that fired about 80 workers thanks to this information.
“These regrettable facts occur in full democracy at a time when Brazil if flying internationally as a defender of freedom and a signatory of various pacts and human rights conventions. Hence our outrage at these outrages, which are not committed only by the CCBM, but also by an agency of information of the Presidency of the Republic, “says impersonation.
The representation informs the fear for the safety of members of the Xingu alive and still asks for the employee’s own protection. “The Consortium’s agent happens to be a witness of illegalities committed by the company, in this regard, as stated in one of his statements in the video, the same feels threatened by the company and its security service”, says the document.
The calculation of the MPF on the complaints will be conducted by the Attorney of the Republic Meliza Alves Barbosa
The video with the employee’s testimony is available below.
Federal prosecutors in Pará Communication advice (91) 3299-3299/0148-0177



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