Charter of the indigenous peoples of Mato Grosso do Sul to the Federal Government

Indigenous deliver letter to Government requiring removal of PF delegate


(Foto: Ruy Sposati/Cimi)

Guarani Kaiowá indigenous leaders, Terena and Kadiwéu gathered in Campo Grande (MS) with the Minister of Human Rights Secretariat (SDH), Maria do Rosario, 25, on Monday handed a letter addressed to the federal Government. Among other things, the document calls for the expulsion of two delegates of the Federal Police (PF) of Gold, and that the Government “vigorous manner immediately intercede with a security plan for the indigenous peoples”.


In the letter, the indigenous rescue the recent history of attacks, threats and forced evictions suffered by the communities and the federal Government’s responsibility in the demarcation of indigenous lands as main cause of conflicts and violence. “We’re all surrounded”, say the natives, when denouncing the involvement of civilian and military police and the press with the local economic power.

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Charter of the indigenous peoples of Mato Grosso do Sul to the Federal Government

We, representatives of indigenous peoples, Guarani leaders and bosses, Guarani Kaiowá Ñandeva, Terena and Kadiwéu, representatives of the Council of the Terena People, Council of Aty Guasu, Continental Council of the nation Guarani (CCNG), National Council of Indígen joint school education of the indigenous peoples of Brazil (Apib) gathered in Campo Grande, we have seen the public demand that the Federal Government immediately intercede so energetically with a security plan for the indígens peoples in Mato Grosso do Sul.

In the last sentence, the indigenous communities of the region suffered attacks unacceptable. The Kadiwéu, whose indigenous land was demarcated for over 100 years and approved nearly 30, has at least 23 farms focusing on its territory. In the second half of last year, the Federal Police conducted depreciation of possession in the area because of a Federal Court injunction granted to farmers. In this context, threats and attacks by gunmen against indigenous leaders were and are recurring.

In January, families Terena Buriti indigenous land, with 17 thousand hectares declared as traditional indigenous territory in 2010 by the Ministry of Justice, but only 2 thousand occupied, suffered attacks of roughnecks of the farmers. The conflict stems from the length of the State in promoting the physical demarcation of the land boundaries and the successive steps for the homologation of the territory.

The constant violence against the Guarani Kaiowá and reveal on pain of our people the inability of the Government to demarcate our lands and to protect our communities. Only this year were recorded at least 10 gunmen attacks against farmers and indigenous camps, culminating in the execution of the young Denilson Barbosa Kaiowá, 15 years of the tekoha Tey ‘ ikue, in Caarapó, whose murderer is the self-confessed owner of a neighboring farm to the village.

Besides the persecution of farmers, Bouncers and roughnecks, also suffer when there is involvement of civil and military police – generally committed with landlordism. Also we suffer the neglect and defamation in vehicles of great local press that is at the service of farmers and agribusiness in Mato Grosso do Sul. We are surrounded in all directions.

We require that all cases related to indigenous rights are addressed, investigated and prosecuted by the Federal Court and the Federal Police. We demand that the Federal Government ensure the safety of our indigenous communities in conflict due to fight for their constitutional rights.

We denounce also the behavior declaramente anti-Indian and biased of delegates of the Federal Police of Dourados Chang Fan and Fernando José Parizoto. After the murder of Denilson and successive attacks of farmers suffered by the community of Tey ‘ ikue, Guarani Kaiowá and leaders were to discuss a Golden safety emergency planning community with PF. in the presence of the National Indian Foundation, the delegate Fernando Parizoto, arrogant and authoritarian way, denied to police assistance, indigenous retrucando the wrong in this story were the Guarani Kaiowá and thatHe had invaded private property and would be investigated by it. For us left more reprisals, harassment and both do not have sensitivity and clarity to deal with the issue, demand that the Federal Government the move away from Office.

All this, added the prior acts and all the violence which have been historically subjected and which resulted in deaths, empobrecimentos, loss of identity and territory-frames that are reinforced when, in practice, Governments ignore our demands.

Finally, there remains no alternative other than to reaffirm the Charter of Pyelito Kue. We are prepared to die in our lands. We will not give up ever. We will resume them one by one, making our autodemarcação. Enough of impunity of murderous farmers walking in daylight, while on Earth opens over a pit, which destroyed the dreams of a young man.

In a context where communities and threatened leaders, even those which are under protection of government programs, have no security; where all our murderers and expropriadores remain unpunished; in which we have no access to water, food, health, school and Earth; We demand Justice. Our children may not suffer as we suffer.

Campo Grande, February 25, 2013

Terena leaderships, Kadiwéu, Guarani Kaiowá and Ñandeva Guarani


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