26/02/2013 08:51 Maria José Chowdhury

MNLM claims that farmers threw against camp on fire and put in tents Augustinópolis

A group of 300 families who are acompado in Augustinópolis reported to the Tocantin Connections on Tuesday, 26, who during the night a group of six men fired shots in the mediations of the camp and came to put fire in some huts. The information is the State Coordinator of the national movement of the struggle for housing, Bismarque and camp coordinator in the city, Divine de Freitas.

“Around eight o’clock in the evening the men arrived in horse shooting up and down. Many people have focused on scared and running scared. They also played the horses on top of several companions and set fire to a shack, “Divine reported. A 17-year-old girl who is pregnant was wounded and was sent to the Hospital of Augustinípolis. According to the encamped tent that she was was one of which caught fire.

Oura claim of camped is that city police would have denied assistance so that was thrown. “The police refused to help us. And when they were here in ameçando came to say that the police were supporting them, “he said. The Tocantins Connection is investigating police version on the subject.

The Group has even been warned verbally by the farmers ‘ lawyer interested in the area that there was a dump of the injunction area. A video was recorded by one of the camped and shall be submitted to the police. A police report was also registered in relation to the action.

The MNLM says it will ask for protection and support for the Human rights movement to ensure protection to camped.


Bismarque reported that the action should have the Party of a group of farmers but not cited names. “Certainly this was an action of a group of powerful people, farmer city”, pointed out.

The movement claims that the area is the Union and which must be made available for social order. The intention is that the group is camped until they are covered with housing. The occupation in the area began on Sunday, 24. A representative of the municipality came to assert that the area will be donated to the farmers ‘ Association and asked the occupants to leave the site immediately.


The Tocantins Connection came in contact with the military police who confirmed that city was made a police report but gave no further information about the case. According to a staff member who attended the officers who attended the occurrence has not reviewed the information and they have no knowledge of what occurred.

Already in the Civil Police delegate Eduardo Artiaga reported that there was no due diligence on the episode and that the police station does not have knowledge of the situation.



25/02/2013 2:38 pm Writing

MNLM Augustinópolis area that occupies the second movement is of the Union

   Photo: Disclosure

According to the national Movement for housing – MNLM, in the early hours of last Sunday 24, about 300 families of no ceilings related to movement occupied an urban area in the municipality of Augustinópolis, which, according to them, is owned by the Union’s Heritage.

Divine de Freitas Sousa, leader of the group, said that the occupants were warned by Antônio Cayres de Almeida spouse of the current Mayor of Augustinópolis that was to the location stating that the area will be donated to the Association of Farmers and occupants must leave the site immediately. It said that families do not support wait any longer because the housing conditions promote immense suffering to no ceilings, “because if they pay the rent, do not eat; If they eat, do not pay the rent, “he says.

The MNLM says that currently the deficit is of 1500 families without ceilings in Augustinópolis.



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