Farmer confesses having killed Indian in MS and Minister calls for ‘ exemplary punishment ‘

Friday, March 1, 2013

Farmer confesses having killed Indian in MS and Minister calls for ‘ exemplary punishment ‘

Nine relatives of Indian guarani-caiowá Denilson Barbosa, of 15 years, killed by a farmer, are protected by the Ministry of justice.

Fazendeiro confessa ter matado índio no MS e ministra exige 'punição exemplar'. Leia matéria do site Instituto Humanitas Unisinos! Foto _ Cimi foto CIMI

The story is Paul Yafusso and published by the website of the newspaper O Globo, 2/28/2013.

Nine relatives of Indian guarani-caiová Denilson Barbosa, of 15 years, killed by a farmer from Caarapó (MS) on March 17, were included in the witness protection program, the Ministry of justice. His body was found Sunday with a shot to the head on the road that connects the golden Southern Caarapó of Mato Grosso do Sul, where the largest agrarian conflicts between Indians and farmers.

The case prompted the Minister of Human Rights, Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, Maria do Rosario, were the State earlier in the week, to talk with Governor André Puccinelli (PMDB) and charge faster investigations and “exemplary punishment” of culprits for the crime. The Orlando Geddes farmer performed a day after the crime and confessed that shot in Indian, but was released to answer the inquiry of murder in freedom.

According to the Golden police regional delegate, Charles Vine, expertise on Thursday handed over the report that confirms the argument of Kobe Geddesfarmer, that he shot from afar to scare the natives who had invaded his property to fish in a pond. A boy of 11 years, Denilson, brother and brother-in-law, a boy of 20 years, belie the farmer’s version and said in testimony to the police that the shots were fired at close range.

According to the delegate, the Kobe Gonçalves farmer confessed that shot and said he was alone on the day. But the Indian dead brother-in-law says that when they are attacked by the farmer and bouncers, he and the boy went away and when they were on the road saw the farmer’s pickup truck doing maneuver to return, after playing Denilson ‘s body on the road. So, the police now want to clarify if more people followed the farmer. One of the points that the police want to clarify is how the farmer alone, Denilson managed to catch the Weir where fell hit by shot, put it in the body of the vehicle and then throw the body in the road.

In the affidavit, Kobe Gautam said that Denilson was taking to the hospital when he saw on the road a group of people who he believed to be Indians. With fear, would have abandoned the Indian and fled.

— We want to now that the farmer answer as, in the dark, using a spotlight, managed to see the Indians on the road and how managed to load the wounded Indian alone — said the delegate.

The Assistant Coach of Funai of Dourados, Diogenes Cariaga, said that the nine relatives of Denilson Barbosa were included in the witness protection program, because of the threats that comes suffering and attacks to the Indian camp. Denilson Barbosa’s body was buried on the farm where he was killed and since the burial about 300 guarani-caiová set up shacks on the site. Yesterday, various international human rights bodies were at the site, among them Amnesty International, to make a manifesto in defense of guarani-caiowá.


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