~Mundurukus leaders do not accept the construction of dams on the Rio Tapajós



Mundurukus leaders do not accept the construction of dams on the Rio Tapajós

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 Photo: Margi Moss


Concerned about the impact of new hydroelectric plants on the River Tapajós, in the Amazon region, indigenous leaders mundurukus communities of Pará and Mato Grosso said the representatives of the federal Government that will do everything to prevent the enterprises – in stage of studies – are brought forth.

The Indians promised to join other segments, such as riparian populations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), to derail the work of the Complex Tapajós.

Leaders of the two States have passed the mundurukus week in Brasilia, where they met with the Ministers of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, Gilberto Carvalho; of Justice, José Eduardo Cardozo; and mines and energy, Edison Lobão, in addition to the President of the National Indian Foundation (Funai), Marta Azevedo.

The group traveled to the federal capital to demand the investigation of Adenilson Munduruku Indian’s death, which occurred in November 2012, during operation Eldorado, Federal Police, and for charging solution to problems in health, education and infrastructure of indigenous lands.

On Friday (22), on the eve of their return to their villages, the leaders said the Agency Brazil who are disappointed. Second complaint from Munduruku, the village Teles Pires, Jacareacanga (PA), Ministers and experts of the federal Government only showed willingness during meetings to discuss the construction of dams and the use of water potential of the Tapajós River.

“Don’t come to Brasilia talk about it. There is nothing to talk about building power plants on indigenous lands. We are against and we want immediate stoppage of the studies that are being done in the region, “said Valdenir. He recalled that the Convention 169 of the International Labour Organization (ILO), of which Brazil is a signatory, determines that indigenous communities be consulted in advance in case of developments that affect their territories.

Nevertheless, on Thursday (21), the Deputy Attorney-General of the Republic, Deborah Duprat, Coordinator of the Camara of coordination and review of Federal prosecutors, reminded the group that, although indigenous communities need to be heard, including during the preparation of the environmental impact assessment (EIA), they do not have the power to veto the enterprises.

Valdenir was clear-cut to say that travel to Brasilia was not worth it, since, according to him, no Government representative has any commitment to meet the demands of the group – including the clarification of the death of Adenilson and the request for redress for damage to the community during the operation of the Federal Police.

According to the Advisory, the Minister of mines and energy Edison Lobão secured mundurukus leaders, last Wednesday (20), that the hydroelectric development of the Tapajós River “will be a model for the world in terms of preservation of the environment and respect for indigenous peoples”. According to the Advisory, Boden stressed the need of dams for the country and ensured that, thanks to the technology employed, the enterprises will cause a minimal impact.

“The Government doesn’t care about any of this,” countered on Friday (22), Valdenir. “We know which part of the energy [produced] is lost in distribution network, that is scrapped. We also know that there are several other ways to produce energy. Really clean shapes such as wind and solar. And there are also bulbs that expend less energy, “concluded the munduruku representative. (Source: Agency Brazil)



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