Serra da Moeda in Brumadinho: preservation extended

3/2/2013 09:15-updated 3/2/2013 09:15

New protected area in the Sierra mining impossible coin

Bruno Porto -today


Serra da Moeda in Brumadinho: preservation extended

Decree signed by Mayor of Brumadinho, Antonio Brandão, expanded the area of protection of water Mother called integral, in the Serra da Moeda, and made investments that millionaires would mine Ferrous mining Serrinha, now in area under environmental protection.
The Decree 059/2013 have force of law and widen the Municipal Natural Monument of Mother, which will reach almost 500 hectares.
The decision also ensures the preservation of at least 31 Springs, which were mapped by the local government, among them the Water Mother, responsible for supplying a large part of Brumadinho and that also contributes to the replenishment of Paraopeba River.
The Ferrous acquired the mine Serrinha in 2007. It exists since the late 1960, when it was exploited by Mining Vista Alegre, which went bankrupt. The area was abandoned and then bought by the Mining Company Tocantins, in 1984. The asset came to stay 14 years abandoned, which generated a environmental liabilities assumed by the Ferrous, which invested in the recovery area for mineral exploration.
The company goal is to produce 10 million tons of annual iron ore at the mine. As mining, information would be generated thousand direct jobs in the venture.
The President of the NGO embrace the currency, Beatriz Saw Vignolo, celebrated the decision of the Mayor of Brumadinho. “Is a very important measure, particularly in the protection of water resources. Mining cannot occur because the area where it would be the expansion now is full preservation and the cava is on damping area, “he noted.
In a statement, the Ferrous criticised the stance of the Municipal Executive. “The Ferrous believes it is possible to reconcile the development of its activity with environmental preservation and supports initiatives in that transparent dialogue prevail and not the attendance to the concerns of all involved. Unilateral initiatives like this bring great legal uncertainty for the undertakings and away investments of Brumadinho, Minas Gerais and Brazil, “says the note.


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