Farmworkers advocate new trade framework

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Farmworkers advocate new trade framework


The movement of rural workers will defend in Congress to change the Law 11,326/2006, which sets rules for Trade Union framework of family farmers. In the assessment of trade unionists, the existing legislation is not sufficient to guide public policies for the sector and argue that the text be revised to suit the different realities of the field.

The report is Luciano Birth and published by Agência Brazil-EBC, 3/8/2013.
The change advocated by the Union predicts that also to be considered rural worker who has property of up to 4 tax modules and salaried labor contract for up to 120 people days/year. The document with the proposed change was approved today (7), in the 11th National Congress of agricultural workers (Contag).
The new criterion defended by rural workers is already applied for social security purposes. They want also be adopted for access to the resources of the national program for family agriculture (Pronaf).
The 11,326/2006 Law imposes criteria for classifying rural properties and set the profile of the family farmer. The current writing, considers, among other criteria, such as the family farmer who uses predominantly family’s own labor in economic activities and has no rural property with an area greater than 4 tax modules-minimum required area to a rural property that his holding is economically viable.
Rural workers also called for changes in the country’s agricultural model. They want more access to land, that more technical assistance and provide Embrapa changes in credit land area. On Tuesday (5) the President Dilma Rousseff participated in the opening of the Congress of Contag, and promised to speed up the land reform in the country.
Before, they rejected the proposal of partnering with the Landless workers movement (MST), with the Via Campesina and other movements. They called for the strengthening of the activity of the trade union movement of Rural workers (MSTTR).
The rural workers Congress also paid tribute to the rural working woman, in reference to the international women’s day celebrated today (8). The peasant women read a letter in which emphasize that women “came out of invisibility, of dependence on their husbands and now fight together against poverty, hunger and violence.”


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