On international women’s day protest denounces Belo Monte by social breakdown

Saturday, March 9, 2013


On international women’s day protest denounces Belo Monte by social breakdown


On the morning of this day on March 8, international women’s day, about 30 militants made a series of protests against the Belo Monte dam in Altamira, PA. The demonstrations began around 8:0 in front of the headquarters of the North Energy Consortium, responsible for the construction of the power plant.

Photo: Xingu Vivo Movement

On site, the women blamed the Belo Monte and its builders by serious problems that afflict the poorest families in town; in particular, the spread of drugs and sexual violence against children and adolescents. “Mothers of Altamira and the region are losing their children to prostitution and drugs, because that Belo Monte project did not bring jobs as promised, but the violence,” said Maria Dulce Gonçalves, one of the protesters. According to Ana Barbosa, of the Xingu Vivo Movement Forever, the Government is as responsible for the problems on the construction companies. “Altamira today is the front page in newspapers, both national and international, not by their wealth, but by human trafficking financed by President Dilma Rousseff,” fumed.

The story is of the Xingu Vivo Movement Always, 3/8/2013.
After the Act opposite the Norte Energia, the women went to the center of Altamira where, tied to each other, stopped traffic for about two hours to demand the trial of more than 56 actions against the power plant, which were sent in multiple instances of the judiciary. “We are asking the Supreme Court to halt Belo Monte and compliance with laws. The most serious is that all these crimes of Belo Monte are being committed with BNDES‘s money; IE; public money of the Brazilian nation. We will not accept this. We will continue denouncing. We have no fear and we’ll follow resisting donates to those who hurt, we want justice now! “said Antonia Melo, Coordinator of the Xingu Vivo Movement.
CPI of the Sexual exploitation of children and adolescents
Next week, the parliamentary Committee of inquiry (CPI) Sexual exploitation of children and adolescents should charge the BNDES by participation in the financing of the Belo Monte dam, mainly due to the recent release of sex slaves – among them a 16-year-old teenager in nightclub on the outskirts of the plant’s construction sites. The request for the convening of the Bank’s managers was approved last Tuesday, 5.
According to Congressman Arnaldo Jordy (PPS/PA), the goal is to require explanations on the application of public resources in a venture with size problems. “Belo Monte is a tragedy foretold. It is necessary to establish the corresponsabilidades “, explains Mr. According to him, representatives of BNDES, Caixa Economica and Banco do Brazil expected to be heard next week. Jordy also reported that the CPI will ask for the suspension of Belo Monte to the Federal Regional Court in light of the serious impacts of the work.


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