Rural workers trade union movement rejects partnership with MST and Via Campesina

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Rural workers trade union movement rejects partnership with MST and Via Campesina


Rural workers are meeting in Brasilia rejected yesterday (7) proposal for partnering with the Landless workers movement (MST), with the Via Campesina and with other movements. The goal is to strengthen the trade union activity of the MSTTR (Union movement of Rural workers).

The information is published by the Agency, Brazil, 3/8/2013.
The decision was adopted during the vote on the working document 11st National Congress of Rural workers, which is being held in Brasilia by the National Confederation of agricultural workers (Contag).
However, it was maintained that decision provides for the “overcoming of corporatism in MSTTR, who must practice the solidarity, the vision of class, the General People’s struggle for collective emancipation”, which according to the document, “gave rise to unionism in the country”.
The document warns the Union leaders for dealing “with maturity coexistence [of nature] partisan, differentiating the interests and putting in first place the goals of MSTTR“, classified by its members as “more broad and representative” category of farm workers.
The Assembly has also the position that the MSTTR is intended to represent, coordinate, guide and protect the interests and rights of rural workers, take the Trade Union struggle, democratic and emancipatory classist, by Trade Union Unity, and build sustainable rural development policies and solidarity, to ensure inclusion and quality of life and work in the field.
Also approved was the thesis of formation of participatory budgeting, which “will be implemented effectively after the 12th Congress of Contag [to be held in four years] and will be designed to strengthen the unions and enhance the educational process”.


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