Women’s group leaves the family farm President of CNA in Tocantins

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Women’s group leaves the family farm President of CNA in Tocantins


The Group of women linked to the landless workers Movement (MST), the movement of dam affected people (MAB) and Via Campesina who held yesterday (7) the farm Alliance left the site on Thursday, according to information from the MST. The farm is owned by Mr Irajá Abreu (PSD-TO), son of Senator Kátia Abreu (PSD-TO), President of the National Confederation of agriculture and livestock of Brazil (CNA) and one of the main spokesmen of rural producers in the National Congress.

The story is of Marcelo Brandão and published by Agência Brazil-EBC, 3/8/2013.
According to the MST, the occupation occurred on Thursday was “a political act, to demonstrate against the use of land to monoculture, against the agribusiness model, that has violated workers and to support agrarian reform”. The movement was also contrary to eucalyptus planting and the use of pesticides.
“Symbolic way, destroy the nursery eucalyptus and replace it with pumpkin seeds, beans and cassava, which kill the hunger of Brazil”. The motion asks the eucalyptus plantation to reforest the site. “The concept of reforestation conserves biodiversity. To cultivate the eucalyptus is need to kill everything to cultivate it. This Act also serves to expose the way the Senator has used the fertile lands tocantinenses “said the MST.



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