Indians close stretch of the BR 367 (BA) by improvements in education


Foto ILUSTRAÇÃO dos Jogos Indígenas de Coroa Vermelha (município de Santa Cruz Cabrália) _ site Veracel


Indians close stretch of the BR 367 (BA) by improvements in education

Uploaded by: Administrator at 3/12/2013. Source: East Regional-Southernmost Cimi


A protest by indigenous communities closed two lanes of the BR 367, in Coroa Vermelha, Santa Cruz Cabrália, Tuesday morning (12). Hundreds of Indians, including parents and students, have complained of the terrible condition of the Coroa Vermelha indigenous school. According to the demonstrators, there are tables and chairs in the classroom, among other problems. They say they will only free the highway when representatives from the Department of education to deliver the promised on Monday, 11.
“We are claiming the right of our children. The physical structure of the school is falling, you run the risk of the roof crashing down at any time. We have 800 students, we work in three shifts and attend the preschool until the 9th year. These students are sitting on the floor because they don’t have enough seats, “said the school’s Secretary, Hilda.
“We have already made several documents, sent to the Department of education, for the prosecution, to all the places we could have and we were never met. We spent the four years of the term of Office of Mayor Jorge Bridges claiming and nothing has been done so far. Yesterday (Monday) the parents arrived at the school and saw their children sitting on the floor, not liked it and asked for support of employees in order to make this demonstration, because the situation is ugly and the risk that any time the school crashing down on his head. We are asking for help to see if anyone hears us because we are desperate in to have more who to turn to, “he added.
According to Riley, representatives from the Education Department of Santa Cruz Cabrália were at school on Monday and proposed the construction of a pavilion with five rooms to vacate that have risk of collapse. “Also promised that today would bring chairs and so far have not appeared. We are here waiting to take any further action. As soon as this happens, we release the track, “he stressed.


According to her, the indigenous school receives distinguished resources for school lunches. Even so, there are constant lack of food and water shortages. Apart from the lack of chairs and tables, some bathrooms have no door, the Windows of the classrooms and the Secretariat are with broken glass and the structure of some roofs is committed.


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