Xingu Vivo is target of new Act of repression in Altamira

Xingu Vivo is target of new Act of repression in Altamira

Referee grant remaining warrant against the movement and its Coordinator for considering, among others, that militants “frightened” nearness of the Belo Monte dam in protest on the day of women
Published on March 14, 2013


The Xingu Vivo Movement Coordinator forever, Antonia Melo, was the victim of a new remaining warrant issued by the State Court of Pará on the morning of Thursday, 14. The warrant has an action of the North Energy Consortium (NESA) and Consórcio Construtor Belo Monte (CCBM) against the Xingu alive and the movement of dam affected people (MAB), banning organizations and their representatives to do any action in areas or real estate companies, under penalty of fine of r $ 50 thousand. With this, five prohibited keep banks open during strikes has already dispatched by the State Court against the engineer to do Xingu Alive.

Antonia Melo was approached by a bailiff when he left the Office of the movement at around 8:0 in the morning. In the warrant delivered by the official, the substitute judge Caroline Sg Assad argues that, as the day of March 14 was designated by the social movements as international day of struggle against dams, “the fear that the possession of the author [NESA and CCBM] are invaded is still more palpable for the Belo Monte HYDROELECTRIC PLANT, because it is the enterprise of great importance for the country and of great proportionstherefore one of the priority targets of the defendants at the moment, given the notoriety that the protesters reach with their acts, including by the media “.

To justify his decision, the judge also listed some actions of the MAB in past years, but highlighted the manifestation of the Xingu alive on Day March 8, when a group of 30 women protested against the abuses of children and adolescents, cases of sexual exploitation, flooding the region for drug traffickers and drug users, among other problems, caused by the Belo Monte dam. As part of the protests took place in front of the headquarters of the North energy, the judge stated that “says that on that day the Office staff of the author were prevented from performing their work normally and were able to work only in the afternoon, due to the fear of imminent invasion on the demonstration that grew”.

Criminalization of the X movement impunity for companies

The new threat to criminalize and punish with a fine the Xingu alive and their Coordinator occurred a few weeks after the discovery of an employee of the CCBM paid to infiltrate and spy on the movement. According to spy, the material gathered would be passed on to the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN).

According to the website of Abin, a partnership between the Agency and the Nation was signed in 2009 “with the signing of a technical cooperation agreement. Abin’s actions fall within the framework of the national programme for the Protection of knowledge (PNPC), an initiative that, since 1997, assists public or private institutions who own or custodiem sensitive knowledge of interest to the Brazilian State. ” “It’s brutal to a social movement is spied at the behest of a government agency on the one hand, and treated like criminal justice, on the other,” vents Antonia Melo.

Threats do not cancel protest


Despite the intimidation of the Belo Monte dam builders and the substitute judge, about 40 people, including militants of the Xingu Vivo, fishermen, indigenous and Riverside were up to the dam construction site of Pimental and did a protest in front of the transposition system of boats in the Xingu River.

The Entourage left Altamira around 10:0 with three ships and, according to the protesters, was accompanied by far for the undercover men who filmed and photographed the whole time. At the site of transposition, the protesters opened banners and spoke against the work peacefully. Dressed in goddess of the waters, the young Maini, whose family was evicted, without compensation, of their lands in the vicinity of Pimental, symbolized the strength of the resistance of the peoples of the Xingu.


At the time, the demonstrators took to denounce the insecurity of the system that transports the boats across the dam, since the River is no longer navigable. According to the fishermen, vessels of wood, more fragile, do not take the hit. “We sit here in a captivity. We do not have more to our freedom. Before we fished freely in this area; Now this this situation here of transposition system, endangering our lives, our engine, our merchandise. Who will pay this for us if our Government does not want to pay nor our rights? The injury is to us, so we feel massacred, stranded, disrespected as humans children of this land, “denounced the fisherman juruna Leonardo Batista.


About 40 people have also made a protest against the Belo Monte dam in front of the Northern Energy Office in Bethlehem. The demonstrators protested against the recent scandal of people trafficking and sexual slavery occurred amidst the works of power plant, the Xingu Vivo movement’s espionage sponsored by the Government, the precariousness of working conditions in the works and persecution, dismissal or imprisonment of workers, among others.


Photos: Sarah Freeman and Metropolitan Xingu Vivo Committee


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